How to Impress Your Customers with Custom Colored Mailer Boxes?

Impressing a customer is a real job. Brands around the world are in a constant marathon of leaving others behind in their haste to impress the customer and lure them into engaging with the brand and its products. However, this happens when you are physically available in the market. In the era, where pandemics like Covid-19 have given a boost to online shopping, the rules of the marathon have changed. The techniques used for impressing customers have also changed. Fancy shops and excellent customer service is hardly a factor that impresses online customers, however, custom colored mailer boxes are a completely different story.

Importance of custom colored mailer boxes

Imagine yourself ordering a makeup kit from an online brand. When it arrives at your door step, you are expecting a plain, brown box with a company logo, name and order details paste on it. However, you get a pleasant surprise upon receiving. The box is nowhere dull. Rather it is flamboyant with a unique design which gives you more delight as much as the product does. Surely you are going to be impressed and will definitely choose to order from the same brand once more. Custom mailer packaging is the new trend. If you are looking to impress your customer then do not be left behind because research reports that colored mailer boxes bring in a better customer inflow than plain old packaging.

Eco-friendly Colored mailer packaging is your ticket to an impressed customer

Almost 48% of customers state that the packaging of a product has a direct correlation with the product’s shipment value. That is, the better and the more sustainable the packaging is, the higher is the product’s perceived value. Packaging matters in the retail world. This is often the very first experience you get of an item and usually the thing that differentiates one product from the other products close its on the shelves!

The biggest brands understand this, which is the reason they spend billions on packaging. Even a tiniest contribution towards the environment is a big thing. After all, a sea is made of many individual drops. If you are thinking to use eco-friendly boxes which at the same time attract more customers than you have the solution in the palm of your hand. It will bring a positive awareness for your customers that you are considering the needs of mother earth as well.

Moreover, it contributes towards an increase in your sales in a way as customer now-a-days support eco-friendly packaged products. These custom colored mailer boxes are sustainable and very good for the hazardous environment. Customers usually like it when companies take such initiatives to protect the environment because everyone knows that our environment is in danger and pollution increases day by day and this increase the customers’ attention towards your product. You can also customize the mailer box packaging in green color to spread awareness and motivate the customers to save the environment; you can also leave a motivational message on the side of box in a unique font to attain customers’ attention. It is 100% recyclable, reusable and sustainable to protect the surroundings made up of cardboard, Kraft paper material.

Word of Mouth marketing can be prompted by impressed customers

It is not a piece of cake to achieve word-of-mouth marketing or customer-generated content. Yet, if they both are

  1. Completely free way of marketing
  2. Highly effective
  3. Useful when building a brand community

Majority of consumers (92%) claim to trust the opinions of their friends and family while 74% consumers claim that word of mouth marketing has an influence on their buying behaviors.

Keeping this information in mind, if colored mailer packaging leaves a profound impact on the market then it can get very easy to grab customer’s attention and encourage them to spread a good word about your brand. A brand with high rates of positive word of mouth can actually help in building a very good impression on first time customers as well. so, in a way this is also another way to impress your customers even before they have a chance to physically receive your custom colored mailer box!

 Ways to impress your customer with a custom colored mailer box

  • Use pleasant colors that compliment your product and brand theme.
  • Focus on quality as much as the exterior look.
  • Ensure that your mailer box is fancy and one of a kind.
  • Print a personalized message on the mailer box to connect with the customer.
  • Add a little something in along with the product.
  • Choose the right size and shape for your box.
  • If customization option is available to you, then consult your customer regarding the mailer box.
  • Find ways to make your box stand out so that the neighbors also notice your box.
  • Use bright colors that may catch the eye from far.
  • Create word of mouth and a positive image to help increase sales.

Custom colored mailer boxes can impress your customer if used correctly. A delicate balance has to be maintained to create a unique box and for this contacting the right manufacture is very important. Conduct an extensive research before choosing your manufacturer and make sure they listen to your requirements thoroughly before producing a 3D sample. We will give you a few good manufacturers that can help you in creating a good product. is an excellent packaging company that can help you with your mailer boxes custom designs. Check out their website and place your first order.

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