How to Get Back Into Shape After Major Surgery

How to Get Back Into Shape After Major Surgery

Major surgery is one of the largest things someone can do to try and improve their life and get back on track with what they want.

Unfortunately, it calls for a long period of sitting and being still, which can be stressful for someone who’s trying to improve or get back to their preferred appearance.

If you’re nervous about gaining weight or getting out of shape after surgery, these are some tips to help you get back into shape.

Begin Working With Your Outer Limbs

If you had surgery on your stomach, face, or chest, sometimes the best thing you can start with is exercising your limbs.  This could mean simple curls with a low-weight dumbbell, or it could mean taking your time sitting on a stationary bike and moving your legs to work them out.

This will allow you to keep in motion without moving your entire body and possibly disrupting the area where you had surgery.

Take Your Time With It

Although the mantra for many people who love working out is ‘no pain, no gain,’ you must avoid straining or hurting yourself after surgery.

Avoid doing that if a specific movement or exercise hurts you, especially anywhere near the site your surgeon operated on.  Sometimes it’s not that simple, but you must take your time and listen to what your body tells you.

Consider a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are trained in how people can and should move their body after injury, so they understand better than anyone else why it’s important to take your time and heal correctly.

A good physical therapist will walk you through the best exercises for your situation, help you heal, and cheer you on along the way.  Although they can be expensive in some cases, many types of insurance will help cover them so that you can get back to living how you want to.

Hydrate Thoroughly Before and After

Hydration is important because it improves flexibility, helps you heal sooner, and reduces the amount of visible scarring through increasing skin elasticity.

Hydrate your body as much as necessary before and after you work out, and try to aim for plain water instead of something sugary or full of chemicals.

Most Important of All: Talk to Your Surgeon

When in doubt: talk to your surgeon!  They’ve probably performed this surgery multiple times and know best about when and how you can work out to get back on track.  They’ll give you a clear path to get you back on track and going through recovery quickly.

If they’re unavailable, most hospitals will have a nurse-help-line you can call to get any details you need.

Getting Back in Shape Matters: But Your Health Matters More

Undergoing major surgery is something people do to improve their lives, so it’s important to most of us that after we get this surgery we’re able to continue taking care of ourselves through exercise.

Unfortunately, this can lead to further injury or pain, so take your time and be kind to your body.  Surgery is a lot to undertake.

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