How to Fix a Bad Google Review [2022 Guide]


Repairing a negative Google review isn’t tricky, and it is best to reply as quickly as you can. If you fail to respond and you could be associated with your company. A fake or shady Google review could inspire you to give the person some space in your head or pick up the closest sharp object and go for some time to drive. 

You must avoid either of these things. A negative review isn’t an end-all-be-all-be-all-is-end situation. Every company has at the very minimum one.

Certain studies have shown that negative reviews can increase sales. And there’s the long-standing belief that none of the publicity is negative publicity.

Follow these steps to convert negative reviews to positive ones.

1. Address The Reviewer

Customers expect you to speak to them directly. Since the review is published on Google, it is possible to identify the reviewer’s name on the review.

Beware of generic greetings like “dear client” and “dear sir” and instead use phrases such as “dear [first name” or “Dear [first name].”

Here’s the way a CEO of a company addressed a customer who was unhappy over scheduling changes. The initial response was “Dear [customer’s name”Dear [customer name]” before proceeding to resolve the issue.

With this strategy, You can make sure that your customers feel you value them.

2. Assess the situation

The first issue you have to resolve is whether the review is authentic. You can leave false reviews by rivals or even randoms that you haven’t met.

After you have received a negative review, look over your records to determine if the person is, in fact, a client. It was discovered that this person wasn’t.

If they’re a former client, look at the product they purchased. Examine the date of service. Pay attention to phone calls to customer service. The more you understand about the issue more prepared you are to manage it and avoid this from happening in the future.

3. Respond to Fake or Negative Reviews Fastly

Even if it’s clear that the negative review is not honest, it is still essential to take action.

Keep in mind that you’re not just giving the reviewer a break; you’re showing potential customers how you will respond to complaints from customers.

Whatever kind of review you’ve received, you must respond promptly. A quick response shows prospective customers that you’re dedicated to customer service. Most people who review your content are interested in the products you have to offer. It’s not enough to satisfy the unhappy customer and assure future customers that this issue will not happen again.

4. Appreciate the Customer

It is essential to let your customers know that you appreciate their honest and genuine reviews. Remember to thank you to anyone who has left reviews about your business.

Even if you believe the customer isn’t right, Start by recognizing the customer.

These notes of appreciation look genuine and show gratitude.

One guest complained about their review, and this is how the hotel’s manager replied to the critique. The hotel owner began by saying Dear Reviewer’s Name and thanked the feedback from the guest.

5. If the review is fake, you can remove it. Google Review You Want to Remove, Flag, or Dispute it.

Google lets you flag reviews that are not authentic to remove them. If the review is classified as slander or false, there is an option to complete a Google Form to make a legal removal request. The requirements for this are quite high, so make sure you contact your closest legal professional before making this decision.

6. Apologize

An apology is a way to please the customer. It also shows your customer that you’re not too confident to accept your own mistake (even those that are not entirely your blame).

Sincere apology statements like these are accurate and demonstrate that you are committed to providing top-quality services to your clients.

When responding to a guest who has had a negative eating experience at the establishment, the proprietor is genuinely sorry and admits that the experience could have been better. The customer also requests a second opportunity to provide a better customer experience.

7. Be Prepared, even if it’s A Hard Job.

When I inform the business owner that they typically have to alter the way they operate, I get grimacing teeth and a frightened look. Making changes to the way you conduct business could be stressful, but it’s well worth it in this case. 

If you’re consistently receiving negative reviews or received more than one, the problem is not with them, but it’s yours. There are instances that an angry review might not be all about the business. Perhaps the person who wrote it had a bad experience.

If there was a glitch in service or in a product that isn’t working, it is time to make an effort to correct the issue. It could be a matter of more training for your customer service representatives or firing an employee changing the content on your website; if you’re not able to satisfy your customers, you may have more significant issues.

8. Explain If it is necessary.

In most cases, gratitude and apologies are more than enough to correct the negative Google review. In some instances, you’ll need to explain the confusion (if there was any). A straightforward explanation will aid in building trust with your clients.

9. Be on top of your Negative Review.

Was that fake ID ever was flagged? Has it been removed? Did you re-do the customer’s service? Did you give them a refund?

Being aware of what’s happening can transform your negative review into an excellent review. If, for instance, you had a client who was unhappy with your service, and you came back and made it right, and they were unhappy, they could alter their review to be positive by the slightest push. We’ve seen this happen several times. 

The majority of the people who leave bad reviews want to fix their issues, and they want you to feel excellent about the review. It’s not unusual for users to transform a 1-star review to a 5-star one after the author has displayed a certain amount of common sense.

When the reviews are published on an online platform that doesn’t permit changes, the reviewer could leave with another review. You can hire an On-Page SEO Services so that they can help your business on your behalf.


Reviews online can influence the opinions of people about your company. Your reputation isn’t shaped solely on what you say about your service and products, but also in large part on what your clients review about your company.

Begin by talking to the reviewer in person, thank the reviewer’s willingness to take the time to leave an article, then apologize to them for the poor experience, and give an explanation (whenever required).

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Positive reviews often drown out the negative reviews, and you should try to collect the most reviews you possibly can. But the best way to handle negative reviews is never to receive one. Tighten up your customer service. Consider spending a bit more money on training your employees.

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