How to Find the Right Car Speakers for Your Car

Choosing the right car speaker set is not easy, as the offer is very large and sometimes difficult to manage. vm audio review in a car speaker test, you should take a close look at the individual features and think about what is needed and what is superfluous. Resilience is therefore also an important factor. Good speakers in the car should have at least 50 watts of power if you like to listen to loud music.

But the sound pressure level in dB also plays an important role here, so that the wattage for loud music is not everything. Furthermore, you should opt for car surface-mounted speakers or the variant for installation.

Load capacity, installation depth and diameter – these features are available

If you want to buy car speakers cheaply, they can have a good sound. However, you should spend at least 40 euros to get a pleasant audio experience. Everything below that is rather just as satisfying. Especially with the load capacity peak is often advertised with high wattage numbers. But that’s not all. Overall, all properties such as path system, sound pressure level and impedance in ohms should be coordinated with each other. This is the case, for example, with a Bose car speaker. For this, however, you pay well and gladly several hundred euros.

The installation depth should also be taken into account in a car-speaker comparison. Otherwise, there could be problems with the car speaker installation. Flat speakers have a depth of around 45 mm, but others can also have between 60 and 66 mm. Read More

After the old boxes have been removed and space has been made for new ones, take a close look at the diameter and measure it. Because this must match those of the new speakers so that they fit. For example, a car speaker has a diameter of 165 mm, and you will also find 10 and 13 cm.

Here are a few more features and features that are important if you want to buy car speakers:

Impedance in ohms

electrical resistance in alternating current technology

should match the value of the amplifier

if the amplifier has more resistance than the speaker, it can burn out

Sound pressure level in dB

indicates how strong a sound event is

in this case, how strong the sound of the music is

at least 90 decibels are an advantage


is expressed in load capacity RMS and load capacity peak

RMS: average performance

Peak: Maximum performance

Make sure that you don’t just specify a high RMS value. The level of the sound pressure level is also important. This creates a powerful sound.

Experience loud and powerful music with the right sound pressure

Manufacturers specify a so-called sound pressure level in dB in addition to the wattage in their offered car speaker design, but also the variants to be installed. Even in a car speaker test, this value should not be neglected. The higher this is, the greater the sound intensity. It is comparable to the electrical power and should be at least 90 dB for a car hi-fi system. Read More

Car speaker buying advice: this must be taken care of

It is often not easy to decide on the right manufacturer and the right models. If you feel the same way and you have not yet found the right product despite having carried out a car speaker test, we will now once again give you the most important purchase criteria. To choose a brand and type, go through the following points one by one:

What sound do the speakers offer?

Resilience RMS

Load capacity peak

Sound pressure level in dB

Impedance in ohms

What material are the speakers made of?

Diameter in cm

Installation depth in mm

Comparison of 2-way and 3-way systems

In a test for car speakers, many interested parties often ask themselves what the terms 2-way and 3-way system are all about. For this reason, we will now discuss the two variants and explain them in more detail.

In a 2-way car speaker a tweeter for the high frequencies, as well as a woofer / midrange driver for the low and medium frequencies is installed. This design is more compact than the 3-way speaker and offers a particularly clear sound. However, the compact design has the disadvantage that it does not form a reasonable bass. Here it would be advantageous to place an additional bass box in the car.

3-way speakers, on the other hand, are less compact (but still don’t take up much space) and have 3 sources that produce sound (tweeters, midrange and woofers). Due to the additional midrange driver, this design is a car speaker with good bass.

The wattage of car speakers

In car loudspeakers such as Focal, the wattage is the electrical power that is provided. A lot depends on it, but a high value in itself is not enough. best floor standing speakers manufacturers of inexpensive products often boast about how many watts their speakers have. However, the specified values are usually the peak load capacity that a car speaker can provide for a short moment. Therefore, do not pay attention to the load capacity peak, but the load capacity RMS. This is the average performance, which is by far much more meaningful.

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