How to Edit to SVG’s (5 Best PDF Editors)

Yes, when it comes to graphic designing, SVG (scalable vector graphics) is an ultimate choice to attain better outcomes. Well, there are innumerable vector graphic software and editors available that assist you in creating SVG’s. Moreover, you could acquire an online PDF to SVG converter to convert PDF documents to SVG’s files. Well, we are going to list the best SVG editor that helps you edit your SVG’s within no time!

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Importance of SVG:

SVG is indicated as a substantial image file type or even binary file format that uses an (XML markup language), which assists to display vector and graphical data. SVG vector files are referred to as a well-known tool for designing web and app graphics. You can see that SVG files are used in many devices as well as platforms. However, sometimes you need to convert files to and from SVG vector image files. If this is the case, it’s time to visit theonlineconverter.com that contains the best PDF to SVG converter to turn PDF into SVG and different other free tools.

Wonder share Mockitt:

In this digital era, you don’t need to be a designer to create the best artwork. Although designers are very much in demand these days, even developers can be able to do some design-related work as well. Yes, wonder share Mockitt indicated as the best SVG editor for Mac, Windows, Ubuntu and Web. The great thing about this tool is that it is best for both designers and developers. Besides, no matter whether you’re on Ubuntu, Mac, or Windows, you could convert PDF document file to SVG vector file by using an online PDF to SVG converter.

Why Use:

  • You can be able to trace an image shape to attain a vector graphic file in a matter of seconds
  • Its simple UI lets you do hassle-free artwork even if you have no coding experience prior
  • Also, it lets you create stunning vector graphics
  • Experts choose to use this tool
  • It comes with web-based, Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu versions

Apart from that, what if you have a bunch of PDF document files and you want to convert them into PDF for your web portals? Don’t worry, give humble thanks to the online PDF to SVG converter that is specifically designed for converting PDF file to SVG vector images.


It is referred to as a fully-fledged SVG editor that assists you in creating the best and professional vector graphic files. Now, you could readily crop your images, draw straight and curved lines, change transparency, or simply add new shapes to your image. The upside is that you can be able to apply hundreds of different effects to your image, and then simply save your work in SVG vector file or PNG format. And, if you aim to save PDF as SVG vector graphic file, then an online PDF to SVG converter free is the best way to deal with it.

Why Use:

  • Take a couple of clicks to create vector graphics
  • No extra coding skills required
  • Users can be able to stick with the existing image file for editing concerns
  • It is best in creating vector art within a matter of seconds

Boxy SVG:

This tremendous version of SVG editor allows its users to edit, create, and also render SVG vector images in a browser with a similar toolset as you find in Illustrator. You can easily work on SVG vector graphic files as usual or even edit the code directly with the natural assistance of Boxy SVG editor.

Additionally, this handy tool allows you to swiftly convert your existing SVG vector files to different other vectors. But, it does not let you convert PDF to SVG vectors, for that purpose you need to get an online PDF to SVG converter for free. However, you can be called Boxy as an SVG editor for Windows since you could try this online tool on any system.

Why Use:

  • Boxy SVG editor is quite easy to use
  • The great thing about this tool is that it built on Chrome technology
  • Most experts choose this tool

Gravit Designer:

It is indicated as a versatile SVG editor for Windows (OS) that is packed with spellbinding features. The upside about this tool is that the designers could download it as a Plug-in for MS windows as well as other Operating Systems (OS).

GravitDesigner editor is the most recommended online page formatting tool that lets you swiftly build stunning things from scratch readily and even assists you in transforming your ideas into professional-looking websites. Besides if you want to convert your professional PDF document file into SVG vector graphic file for your business concerns, then it’s time to seek for online PDF to SVG converter to attain quality conversions. Moreover, Gravit works best for all your designing needs, no matter whether you’re working with a simple idea of a blog or a great home page of yours!

Why Use:

  • It completes your artwork quickly
  • This tool encourages the development
  • It provides you with cost benefits
  • The upside is that there are no limitations for fonts or gadgets
  • Get swift work-flow


This web-based collaborative vector graphic files editor works significantly for both web & desktop. It Vectruses “merge” trait lets you, people, quickly combine the interactivity of web apps with the power of desktop software.

This SVG vector editor powered by the cloud allows you, people, to share your art-creation within a blink of an eye.

Why Use:

  • This editor uses cloud storage for saving files
  • It is packed with a lot of features and multiple designs

Vectors work efficiently for collaboration and even it is 100% free.

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