How To Edit a PDF File

Portable Document Format (PDF), is a file format developed by Adobe in 1992 to exhibit documents, including text formatting and pictures, in a way independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Each PDF file, which is based on the PostScript language, contains a comprehensive description of a fixed-layout flat page, including the text, fonts, graphic images, raster images, and other information required to display it.

Advantages of Using a PDF File

Graphic Integrity

A PDF has the same information and layout regardless of the operating system, device, or software application that is used to read it.


Text, photos and vector graphics, movies, cartoons, audio clips, 3d images, interactive fields, links, and buttons can all be included in the PDF format. All of these components may be integrated into a single PDF file and structured as a paper, presentation, or portfolio.

Easy to use

PDFs are simple to make, read, and utilize for everyone.

Safety measures

Provides alternatives for establishing several levels of access to safeguard the content and the entire file, such as watermark, passwords, or digital signatures.

Compressed into Small sizes

Though PDFs may potentially hold an enormous quantity of data, they can be reduced into a compressed file size that is easier to transmit while preserving complete control over image quality.

You don’t need a special tool to pdf editor online; simply use any browser. Because PDFs are not limited to a single operating system, you can access a file whether you’re on your Mac or your Android phone. PDFs are a popular file type because they can be viewed in a variety of applications.

While reading PDFs is simple, modifying them may be difficult, and you’ll need the appropriate tool to edit, mark up, or write on a document that has already been saved as a PDF. The following solutions might assist you if you really need to alter your PDF file.

Directly Edit the Original PDF file

The simplest approach to making improvements to a PDF is to open the original file before saving the document as a PDF. Once in the original file, make any required adjustments before saving it as a PDF.

Of course, you’ll only be able to accomplish this if you have the original document. If you don’t, you’ll have to resort to the following tactics. Sometimes, when you do not have the original documents, editing might corrupt the whole PDF file.

By Using Adobe Acrobat

As PDFs were created by Adobe, it is, therefore, the preferred tool for editing and writing on these PDF files. PDFs may be viewed, printed, signed, and commented on using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This program enables you to Edit pdf without acrobat and combine comments from numerous reviewers into a single document – ideal for obtaining collaborative reviews and adjustments.

Adobe Reader is free, yet commercial add-ons such as Adobe Acrobat Export PDF, which can convert PDFs to Word or Excel documents, can extend its usefulness.

Adobe Acrobat has extensive PDF editing capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly add text, notes, and sketch drawings to PDF files. This PDF editor is compatible with all modern online browsers, including Safari and Chrome.

To learn more about Adobe Acrobat, go to the Adobe Acrobat website. Log in to your existing account or register for a free trial. Then, submit the PDF that needs to be edited. After you’ve uploaded the file, you may use the toolbar to modify it with text, comments, and other changes. When you’re finished, you can either download your document or share a link to it.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a PDF editor that works across several platforms. PDFs may be edited on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, as well as online. This robust editor allows you to modify text blocks, edit photos, and do other things. Password security and other enhanced features assist to keep your papers safe. There is a free trial available.

By Using Online PDF Smart forms 

You may use Smart PDF Forms to upload your PDF form and convert it into an online form that is simple to fill out. These mobile-friendly forms make it simple to collect replies from your workers, customers, and clients, as well as to speed up the form-filling process. Using form elements such as conditional logic will aid in the simplification of your form design.

To help you keep organized, Smart PDF Forms stores all of your submitted data in one place. You may search, filter, and download reply as needed, and you can also save comments as PDFs while keeping your original form design intact.

You may share finished PDFs via autoresponder emails or upload them to cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. If you want to remain up to date on form submissions, you may sign up to get notifications anytime anyone submits a form.

Online Signature Tools

If you only need to sign and add text notes to a PDF, Some online editing tools which allow you to put signatures may be the best solution for you. You may upload a PDF, add text fields and legally enforceable e-signatures, and request e-signatures from up to 20 recipients for one document using those Online Tools. You may email the document directly from its online platform, eliminating the need for an email back and forth.

It works with Dropbox and Google Drive to provide a more efficient workflow. In the beginning, few signature requests per month are permitted with the free account option. Upgrading to the Essentials account gives you unlimited signature requests as well as the option to create and store templates.

Choose the correct PDF Editing Solution

There are several applications and methods available to assist you in editing a PDF, and the best path to take will be determined by your goals. These apps, ranging from the simple Adobe Acrobat Reader to the extremely customizable Smart PDF Forms, may let you accomplish everything from adding some comments to your PDF to truly simplifying and customizing the PDF for online use.

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