How to Deliver an Excellent Renter Experience

A successful rental business starts with happy tenants. 

When tenants are satisfied with their experiences at your properties, they are more likely to renew their leases, stay longer, and even recommend your properties to their friends.

A carefully curated applicant pipeline and overall renter experience leads to tenant satisfaction. Your tenants’ interactions with you and your business—from the application process to move-out—should be smooth and user-friendly.

This includes upgrading your website, streamlining rent collection, and choosing property management software with a user-friendly renter portal.

Here are a few tips for delivering an excellent renter experience.

Communicate Effectively

Renters feel most welcome when their concerns are heard and addressed. With thoughtful and prompt communication, you can make renters feel cared for and entice them to stay.

Effective communication is prompt and direct. Ideally, try to respond to tenant messages within a few hours or, at most, a few days. If you wait any longer, your tenants will feel neglected or ignored. 

Neglecting an urgent message may even lead to irreparable damage. A problem with utilities or amenities, concern about a neighbor, or pest control situation could quickly develop into a dangerous situation the longer you wait to address it. It’s best to be prompt in responding to all tenant messages.

Your free property management software can help you communicate effectively. Convenient chat features are an efficient way to organize all your conversations with tenants.

Implement Smart Home Technologies

Technology upgrades and renovations are another way to deliver an excellent renter experience. 

Smart home technology is increasingly popular and affordable. These upgrades make tenants’ lives easier and your properties more attractive to prospective renters.

Smart home upgrades are more than just trendy. They can also make tenants’ lives safer and save lives. For instance, smart locks enable tenants to lock their homes from their mobile devices even if they aren’t home. Protect your units and tenants by installing the latest security technology in your rentals.

Partner with Local Businesses

Community connections can make a great rental option the best one in town. Tenants want to feel connected to their neighborhoods and communities, and one great way to create this environment is to partner with local businesses.

For example, you could offer discounts for tenants on move-in day or include catering from local restaurants at resident events. Local businesses will appreciate the patronage, and your tenants will appreciate your community and care.

Include a Welcome Package

Along similar lines, providing new tenants with a welcome package is another way to demonstrate your hospitality. A welcome message or visit is always appreciated, but the extra step of preparing a welcome package communicates that you’re especially invested in your tenants.

In your welcome packages, you could include coupons or recommendations and any company merchandise you have on hand, such as T-shirts, water bottles, or lanyards. It’s also good to include a list of property rules and your contact information.

Track Website Analytics

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) offer critical insight for improving your business. 

While occupancy, vacancy, and profit/loss KPIs can tell you how well your rental business is doing in relation to your competitors, your website analytics unlock the secrets of the renter experience.

For example, if you notice that visitors to your website are not spending time on important pages, it may be because those pages are hidden away or not easily accessible to viewers. Adding backlinks or adding these pages to the main menu may improve the ease of navigating your website.

Collect and Consider Feedback

Finally, you’ll never know how to improve your renter experience unless you ask your renters. 

The best insight for your rental experience comes from your current tenants. A regular anonymous survey is a great way to learn what your tenants like about their experience and what they wish was different.

Keep this information in a spreadsheet and track it over time. It might be useful to collect both quantitative and qualitative data. For instance, ask your tenants to rate their overall experience (or individual experiences with leasing, submitting payments, etc.) and provide a space for more open-ended written feedback or suggestions.

Excel at Renter Experience and Satisfaction

Improving your rental experience for your tenants doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money or making massive renovations. By communicating effectively, prioritizing tenant safety, demonstrating hospitality, and listening to your tenants, you can foster comfortable experiences for your residents.

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