How to create a positive ambience at home?

Often coming back home after completing the tedious tasks at the office, people look for a place to get relaxation of mind and body. The best way out to ward off the headache and feel refreshed in a most cost-effective way would be to use aromatic incense sticks or the common word used in India for it is agarbatti. Ayurvedic doctors often recommend having aromatherapy to attain the relaxation of mind. This aromatherapy not just makes you feel energized but also works to nullify the negativity at home and surrounding. It becomes important to check for the type of fragrance that will work wonder for the mind and soul while creating positivity at home. 

Types of Agarbatti Imparting Sanctity

Lotus Incense Sticks 

The atmosphere of the home will be calm once you light the lotus incense stick. It works to spread positivity and serene surroundings. It will work to purify the sense of sight and attain mental bliss without shelling out much from your pocket.

Sandal incense Sticks 

It works to purify the mind via olfactory sense. Often in India, agarbatti and worship are conducted together to invoke the sacred sanctity. The ayurvedic doctors consider it to be more effective in settling the chaotic mind rather than having any anti-depressant medicine. The offers sandal incense sticks to attain calmness and peace of mind.

Tulsi Incense Sticks

Tulsi works wonder under different categories. People plant tulsi in front of their house to keep snakes at bay. Its medicinal benefits are enormous, which has lead experts to make use of it, without having it physically. The tulsi agarbatti creates a unique scent and helps to create a serene environment. 

Rose Petal Incense Sticks

The rose petal is considered beneficial for skincare. The aroma of a rose petal is captivating, which helps to create tranquility when the incense sticks are light up at home. The incense rose petal sticks are used to make a serene atmosphere, cutting on the negativity at home and invokes calmness in mind.

Clove Incense Sticks

Cloves offer medicinal as well as spiritual gain to the body and soul. It could be found in Indian households easily however, when used as agarbatti it imparts spicy and strong captivating aroma that would linger for a long time in your mind. 


Deep woods Incense Sticks

It is a combination of herbs found in the South Indian forest. It has a great aromatic impact when it is used to attain tranquility and serenity at home. It creates an oriental effect imparting tranquility in mind. 


The best agarbatti brands in India have a varying range of incense sticks in their collection. The incense sticks come with spiritual, mental and medicinal benefits. It is often said that if you smell good then you will feel good. Likewise, on lighting the incense stick at home, you’ll be invoking good and positive vibes for all.  


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