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How to Choose an Air Conditioner Under a Budget?

For Indians, managing an air conditioner is likely to be one of the foremost priorities, provided the summer season has glared its impact. However, many crucial factors come into play before you consider getting an AC on rent in Chandigarh to protect you from the scorching heat which has just begun this year. Here is a brief guide that will assist you in picking up the ideal AC as per your needs.

AC types

We come across two types of ACs – window air conditioners and split air conditioners. Both are fixed in apartments, cafes, libraries, hotel rooms, etc.

Window AC has only one rectangular unit. Thus its maintenance and usage are more straightforward compared to split ACs. These are more affordable as all the components are arranged within a single chassis. External hazards are less likely to affect its performance. 

However, window ACs have their own set of disadvantages as well. They require thick walls, estimated around 9-12 inches for installation. Also, its cooling capacity is not suitable for bigger spaces. These are comparatively noisier than split ACs.

Split ACs have two units, one of which rests on a wall inside the building while the other portion is placed outdoors. Maintenance costs for these machines can be a cause of concern as both the units are connected through pipes. Split ACs are more expensive but can be accommodated anywhere, regardless of wall thickness.

Energy Rating

Delhi air conditioner dealers will always suggest you go for an AC with a 5-star rating. This is a preliminary measure one can ensure to avoid significant figures in their monthly electricity bill. Whether you intend to use the AC on rare occasions or more frequently, it is a wise step not to buy lower rating units. Power efficiency can check the budget considerably.

AC capacity

Before renting an AC, make sure you estimate its capacity. Ordering a high capacity AC compared to the room size can simply overkill the environment and incur unnecessary costs. While ordering a lower capacity unit will not desirably serve the cooling purpose. Factors like room size, the year’s season, ambient environment, etc., govern the AC capacity that needs to be ordered.

For small rooms, 1-ton ACs sufficiently cool down the environment, while it is better to choose a 1.5-ton AC if the user is planning to set the machine in a more prominent place like living rooms, office floors, etc. AC dealers suggest tonnage when renting; also, some virtual calculators serve the purpose when you enter a rough measurement of the floor area.


There are leading air conditioner service providers in Chandigarh who suggest the best machines as per your requirement. Charges differ depending on the rental purpose, i.e., whether you want an AC for your office, home or family event, etc. There are also other associated terms like how many days you want to book their services; it can be for one day and a few months. Interested people request quotations in online portals from where they can choose their desired service provider from published listings based on best ratings and user reviews.

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