How to Build a Real-Time Chat Messaging App in Under 24 Hours

The internet in this day and age is characterized by real-time chat messaging. Never has it been easier to communicate or get in touch with someone who could be just a few miles from you or even the other side of the world. Chat messaging apps are powerful tools to wield today, shortening the distance between you and your customers.

However, many companies stray away from the opportunities that an inbuilt chat messaging app could offer — developing an app, no less a real-time messaging app from scratch, would not seem an easy task, especially when you have to focus on the growth of your product.

Investing in an in-app messaging api for your product has many benefits and could be the difference between you and your competitor that gives you the edge. Reliable chat messaging solutions like Applozic will make it easy to have yours in under 24 hours.

Why You Should Have an in-Built Messaging App

Everything is instant these days, and customers would expect no less when it comes to receiving support from you. The time it takes to respond to customers’ concerns is as important as making a good product is, and the faster you solve them, the better you retain them.

Here are a few reasons why having an in-built chat messaging app.

1. Cultivate a Trusting Environment for Your Customers

How many times have you waited on the other end of the phone line listening to a generic piece of music while you waited for customer support to answer your queries? It is a frustrating experience to go through and is a surefire way to lose your customers.

By having an inbuilt messaging app, your customers can stay connected to you in a flexible way. Having such an environment goes a long way in not just retaining your customers but also improving conversion rates for potential buyers.

2. Gain Valuable Insights From Users

Including a chat messaging app in your product does not just increase customer satisfaction – it also helps you understand your customers better.

By using your customers’ feedback through live chat, you can directly use the data to better formulate your product and make your platform more user-friendly.

How You Can Have Your in-App Chat Messaging Solution up in Less Than 24 Hours

You no longer need to worry about spending countless time building a messaging solution for your product. With Applozic’s services, you will get chat APIs and in-app messaging SDKs for multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Web applications. Thus, you can seamlessly integrate chat messaging across all devices.

With Applozic’s advanced customizable UI kit, you will have access to everything you need, including detailed and comprehensive guides to build a chat messaging solution. As such, you no longer have to outsource installations or work with confusing tools.

So, how can you get it done in less than a day? Once you sign up for Applozic, you have less than ten steps to follow to get your chat messaging solution ready.

1. Installation

The first step is installation, and this requires adding the required SDK (be it for iOS or Android or any other platform) to your project. For this, you will add the necessary dependencies and libraries.

2. Authentication

The second step is to authenticate your users so they can use the messaging app.

3. Conversation

Once your users are authenticated, Applozic’s guides will help you understand how to initiate or launch chats in a format of your choice between one-to-one chat, group chat, and contextual chat.

4. Notifications

You can also customize your app to set up push notifications so that you will receive real-time messages and are notified when the messaging feature is being used.

5. Customization

Finally, you are ready to add the finishing touches to your in-app chat messaging feature with contacts setup, UI customization, localization, and more.


In-app chat messaging can change the direction of your product and help it achieve the growth you are looking for. Integrating live chat may seem like an intimidating task, but with Applozic, you can seamlessly include secure communication channels for your customers to reach you.

Scalable and enterprise-ready chat SDKs can help make every user experience unique, and notably, build a messaging solution exactly how you want it

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