How to attract more women to join technology industry

How to attract more women to join technology industry

Women have been vital to the rise of technology. Humanity owes much of the success in technology to women from the past and present and shall continue to do so even in the future. There are several ways that tech companies can ensure hiring more women and retaining them.

There are several aspects that tech companies must cover and fulfill to attract women talent. In this article, we take you through the process of smooth and hindrance-free methods to recruit more women in technology. Talent solution providers or IT staffing agencies can also take a cue from this article and follow the procedure that could prove helpful while hiring women talent in the IT sector.

Pay Equality: Let’s accept that there is a gender pay gap in the technology sector and all fields. According to a report in The Independent, 78% of more prominent organizations admitted to having a gender pay gap, while only 8% of companies agreed to have no pay gap. The difference is massive, and tech giants must address the issue earliest. The pay gap is one of the primary reasons women do not prefer to take up a career in tech.

Equal Hiring Process: One of the ways tech companies can move ahead to bring more women into the sector is by making the hiring process equal for all genders. During the advertisements for a particular job vacancy, the recruiters may open the positions for all genders and avoid being gender-specific. Gender stereotyping can have adverse effects and may see women not coming forward to apply for a job. The recruiters are also suggested to use language that invites more candidates to apply for a job. So, the tone is essential, and it’s better to avoid certain words in a job advertisement. Women tend to value companies that offer gender balance, so sending out a message a female candidate can relate to is essential.

Female Interviewers: The chances of hiring a woman become higher when a woman interviewer is added to the panel. Studies prove that women go into a comfort zone when they see a woman interviewer in the panel.

A). It sends the proper signal to the women candidate over equality.

B). The interviewer can get the best out of the candidate.

Offer Flexible Work Hours: Offering flexible work hours may lure more women, especially those who are parents, to join the organization. It puts the company in good books and may see a rise in recruiting and retaining women in the tech industry. It is important to tweak the rule book a little and apply flexibility to all female employees in tech organizations.

Standardize Interview Process: Standardizing the interview process is also an important aspect. Interviewers must poise the same questions to both men and women. This gives an equal chance to all the candidates to pass the interview.

Blind Interviews: Even though this seems unrealistic but blind interviews may have a good effect before picking candidates for interviews. Conducting blind interviews may have its challenges, but identifying candidates based on their qualifications and experience, and other factors may save hiring managers from facing the hindrance of bias.


Offering women similar opportunities as their male counterparts will put the company in good stead. Establishing a positive company culture is paramount for attracting diverse talent, and it is right to consider this factor while offering a job or retaining women. Here’s how NLB Services can help you design, build and run a fully optimized talent acquisition process for women in technology.

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