How should a Golden Retriever feed

The Golden Retriever is a robust and muscular dog of medium size and a symmetrical body. It is a very popular breed, among other things, for its famous shiny golden coat that gives it its name. That is why it is important that the feed for Golden that we give our furry covers the protein intake that it needs and that, in addition , the digestibility of the proteins and their amino acid composition are optimal.

Golden Retriever feed

The Golden Retriever is a breed with a tendency to be overweight, so its diet must provide it with the necessary nutrients so that it can enjoy an excellent quality of life. With Happets you will have a complete, personalized and balanced diet , which will provide our Golden with the sustenance required by his weight and level of physical activity. To keep a Golden’s coat shiny, its personalized Happets feed will provide fatty acids and vitamins such as Biotin and vitamin E.

The furry ones of this breed are known for their fragile joints, especially in their senior stage. With Happets you can customize the feed if your dog suffers from any pathology. With a diet for dogs with joint problems , we can help slow down the wear of joint cartilage by controlling overweight and supplementing with chondroprotectors such as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine or hyaluronic acid.

Golden retriever Puppies

Your Golden Retriever puppy is probably trying hard to eat as much as he can, whatever it is. But feeding him optimal amounts of the right foods at each stage of life will help him be a strong, healthy dog ​​and may help you avoid breed-specific health problems in the future.

The Goldilocks of the canine world, this handsome dog is known for his friendly, loving personality and gorgeous golden mane. Due to his beautiful coat and bubbly personality of his, he will likely want to keep his pup as long as possible and will need the best dog food for his Golden Retriever that he can comfortably afford in order to do so.

Many Golden retriever Puppies owners would say that once you have a Gold you are always sold, and many families own multiple Goldens at once or they will get Golden after Golden. But the question is, how many Golden owners really know the nutritional needs of their beloved pooches? Statistically, only 10% of dog owners understand their dogs’ nutritional needs, so here at Love Your Dog, we’ve made it our mission to provide owners with the facts.

Here in this guide, you will learn about the Golden Retriever and what nutrients it needs. during each stage of life; puppy, adult, and senior. For each stage of life, knowing what you need, we will recommend the best natural dry croquettes for you to choose from. We’ll provide different options depending on your taste preferences and personal dietary requirements, and we’ve also included a section at the end with recommendations for overweight Goldens.

Golden Retriever Puppy Nutrient Needs

The Golden Retriever is a large breed puppy that suffers from hip and elbow dysplasia, so it is important that you feed him a puppy formula designed specifically for large breeds. Not only do these formulas contain all the nutrients that puppies need to become healthy adults, but they will contain the optimal levels of calcium and phosphorus to ensure that their bones grow at the correct rate to avoid these health problems.

His golden coat also needs care, so plenty of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are important on the ingredient list, so be sure to look for fish, flaxseed, fish oils, and chia seeds. Not only will this keep your locks shiny, but these ingredients also have a wide range of benefits for brain function, bone health, and eye development, like docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

A large puppy should be fed high quality kibble that provides a protein content of at least 26% but ideally close to 30% and a fat content of at least 9%. Calcium should be around 1.5% and don’t be tempted to feed your golden calcium supplements because more than what is in their kibble will be too much and will be detrimental to their skeletal development. How much you feed him will depend on his weight, so be sure to follow the package directions as all kibble is different.


Glucosamine and chondroitin should be on the ingredient list as they support your bones and joints , and theirs is particularly important for larger breeds like the Golden. All meat and fish meals are a great source of these ingredients, as are the organs and cartilage of animals

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