How SEO and SMO could be beneficial to your business?

Search Engine Optimization is a method that uses different methods to keep rank high on the search by Google, Bing or any search engine. The SEO involves “organic” ranking, which means you don’t pay to be in it.

SMO on the other way is a digital marketing method that makes your social media platforms, brings to collect high traffic on your websites. It increases the awareness publically through marketing about the new brands, products,s and services. It directly connects with customers through online ads or promotions.

These methods include


  • Keyword planning – is the process of choosing specific keywords to target all pages of the website. It is a clear strategy of SEO that means the pages will not be complete with one another. Each page will have a separate purpose.
  • Meta title and description – meta title (title of the page helps to tell Google what the page is about) and meta description (shows below the title in the SERPs). The meta title and meta description are another important part of SEO.
  • Managing client website according to SEO – if your website is slow, hangs, and complicated to use then it’s not going to have a good rank on Google.


  • Create shareable content – through SMO can increase social links involve developing content that people wants to share and link to. Make sharing content easy – this method involves adding share and social link buttons to your website. Blogs hence encourage sharing, recommendations, or bookmarking.
  • Rewarding loyal followers – this type of social media helps to give rewards occasionally by “thank you”, follow back to follow back, or contact us. By sharing your views telling how valuable their support is, you will quite quickly gain loyal followers.

How SEO & SMO is beneficial to your business?

  1. SEO helps in taking traffic to your site and SMO is used to connect with customers in a long chain.
  2. SEO is done by selecting keywords and to do changes whereas SMO is used to share awareness online of any brand.
  3. SEO takes a long time to show them results and SMO, on the other hand, is more quick and fast.
  4. SEO doesn’t connect you with the customers and SMOs are social friendly.
  5. SEO is usually focused on content readable material but SMO focuses on content readable by viewers.

Advantages of SEO and SMO

There is no end of benefits in both. SMO not just connects with the customers but also increases sales.

·         Drive traffic to your business websites

Both websites drive more traffic on their websites and can bring the same results in each point. SEO helps to rank your business websites on top and SMO provides a high audience base to deliver your message.

·         Increase your business visibility

Also, it was found that above 2.9 million people use Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger on a regular basis. Thus if the businessman wants to create more visibility then it’s best to consider SMO as it provides an endless number of customers.

So that’s the reason to get a proper strategy to grow your business with SEO and SMO together, but quality services also matter. Taking services from the companies like Ducima Analytics Private Limited is always beneficial. If you don’t trust me then you also can read Ducima Analytics Reviews on different portals to know what others say about Ducima Analytics.

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