How protein and fiber work together?

Eating a combination of food is important for a balanced diet. A balanced diet is defined as a variety of food including all types of food present in it. Including a combination of protein and fiber in your meals can help you reduce fat deposit and lose weight. 

Protein enables your body to fulfill its energy demands with a lesser amount of calories, so you can burn your stubborn fat without having to restrict yourself from eating. When you understand how these nutrients work together you will be able to eat a healthier and balanced diet. 

Function of protein

Protein is the nutrient present in the highest amount of your body. Your body is basically made up of proteins. This golden nutrient is present in several foods of your dairy if that include meat, eggs, poultry and dairy products. 

Sea food is also a major source of proteins for your body. Some researchers suggest that protein has a greater ability to provide energy than carbohydrates and fat. Moreover, it increases thermogenesis, which can also be known as production of heat. In other words, proteins boost your metabolism. When you add protein to your diet, it makes sure that the weight you are shedding off is fat and not the muscle that your body requires. 

Wonders of eating fiber

Fiber might seem as a waste since it has no active role in digestion, but it performs beyond the basic mechanisms. One of these roles is maintaining satiety. How fiber works is that it swells up to occupy a greater amount of space in your stomach without giving you any energy. 

This makes you feel fuller with the least amount of food. There is a type of fiber that is water soluble i.e. it absorbs water and swells up. This type of fiber slows down the digestion process which leads you to have an even and balanced release of energy after a few hours of you taking the meal in. 

Combination of protein, fiber and Low Glycemic Carbohydrates

Combining all these foods allows you to maximize your energy after eating. After having a meal that combines protein, fats and low glycemic carbohydrates the amount of satisfaction and the feel of fullness you get is unmatchable. It is said to be the perfect meal. 

Even though each of these food types have a different nutritional value and processing mechanism they give you the right amount of food but with the lowest number of calories. This combination enables you to lose weight and gain muscle. Low glycemic carbs digest at a slower speed and help bane blood sugar level. They are also found in no starchy vegetables, fruits and potatoes, pulses and dairy products. 

Meal plans

You may think that heavy meals provide you the best amount of nutrients. It is actually the opposite way. To make sure that you are taking in the adequate amount of nutrition you should make meal plans with a balanced number of nutrients. To help you with this, let me tell you which food has what major nutrients. 

Breakfast foods are fiber rich and give you a feeling of fullness. But these meals often lack protein, so, to get that included you should take nuts, pulses, or eggs along with the breakfast dishes. Butter, yogurt, ilk and chicken are also good sources of proteins.

For lunch and dinner you should have low glycemic foods including vegetables and poultry. It will give a boost to your metabolism that will keep your energy level high. For dinner you need to keep it in mind that it has to be the lightest meal of the day, so it’s better to eat some proteins but in a minimum amount. 

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