8 Ways how Physiotherapy can Help you lead a healthy life

8 Ways how Physiotherapy can Help you lead a healthy life

The field of physical therapy is characterized by trained professionals who assess and treat aberrant physical function that may be caused by an accident, a disability, an illness or a condition.

When it comes to physical therapy, the best physiotherapist in Calgary can understand that a tailored program may assist people in returning to their former level of activity or function. We want to encourage people to participate in activities and make lifestyle adjustments to enhance their general health and well-being while also preventing future damage. Doctors often recommend physical therapy and physical therapy products as the first indication of a problem since it is considered a cautious method of treating problems.

A personalized physical therapy program specially designed to assist an individual in regaining his previous level of functioning and encouraging an overall healthy lifestyle and other injury prevention activities is beneficial. Because physical therapy is considered conservative in its approach to treating problems, primary care physicians often send patients to physiotherapy for any issues they may be experiencing. Do you know what it is about physical therapy that makes it so important? Consider these ideas as you celebrate the month of October dedicated to physical therapy:

#1. Effective Pain Management

Physiotherapists may adopt therapeutic exercises and blend other manual therapies like joint and soft tissue mobilization and treatments like ultrasound, taping, or electrical stimulation to pain relief and muscle and joint function restoration. 

#2. Avoiding Surgery

If physical therapy successfully relieves pain or wounds an injury, surgery may not even be necessary. Furthermore, even if surgery is needed, you may benefit from pre-operative physical therapy. In many instances, if you enter surgery stronger and in better condition, you will recover more quickly. Additionally, avoiding surgery lowers health care expenditures.

#3. Bettering your balance to prevent falls

Patients are assessed for their risk of falling during the first few weeks of physical therapy. If they are at risk for falls, our therapists will work with you to design balancing exercises that you can safely practice in the real world. As part of therapy, treatment options may include activities to enhance coordination and assistance equipment to aid walk without danger. The physical therapists we work with have the knowledge and experience to conduct specialized exercises to help patients with dizziness or vertigo if their balance is due to a dysfunction in their vestibular system.

#4. Efficient Weight Management

Many of us have body concerns and struggle with weight issues. When normal workouts appear to fail, physiotherapy may significantly relax and work the muscles. Additionally, it aids in digestion and aids in the assimilation of food rather than being stored as fat in the body.

#5. Curbing breathlessness or persistent cough

Physiotherapists can help evaluate and treat various respiratory diseases, including congestive heart failure (COPD). COPD is a prevalent ailment that mostly affects middle-aged or older smokers. Many individuals are unaware that they have it.

With COPD, respiratory difficulties worsen progressively over time, limiting your ability to engage in typical activities. Physiotherapists provide a specialized respiratory physiotherapy program that includes breathing methods that may help delay COPD development and teach patients about self-management.

#6. Quick recovery from stroke

A stroke might cause you to lose the ability to walk or to use your arms and legs. However, with physical therapy, you may improve many areas of your body’s strength and coordination, and you can improve your balance. Physiotherapy will help you restore your independence and, as a result, be able to do everyday tasks like taking care of your house and doing your duties.

#7. Women’s Health Management

Women have unique health challenges, including pregnancy and postpartum care. Physical therapists can provide specialist care for women’s health problems. Additionally, physiotherapy may be used to treat a variety of conditions, including bowel incontinence, breast cancer, constipation, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, male pelvic health, pelvic discomfort, and urine incontinence. Pelvic floor disorders are more prevalent in women who have undergone abdominal surgery, hysterectomy, or birth. As a consequence, bowel and urine irregularities occur, which may be very unsettling. Physiotherapy may assist in all of these areas by providing long-term advantages.

#8. Regaining Fitness Post Injury

Your physiotherapist is familiar with the sorts of injuries that might occur while participating in your favorite sport. Therefore, whether you experience an accident while participating in sports or suffer domestic damage, your therapist will build a rehabilitation plan and teach you how to minimize your chance of sustaining the same injury in the future. After that, you’ll be able to return to your routine sports securely.


Physiotherapy is often included in most rehabilitation programs since it uses a holistic approach that delivers far more valuable outcomes than any other kind of treatment, with no side effects and without the need of incurring additional expenses for costly medications.

Physiotherapy clinics are often found all around and are dedicated to helping patients and customers recover more quickly. The Port Physiotherapy and Massage in Calgary is the best option for people who want to get into better shape, increase their mobility, and manage their chronic pain with reasonable prices and outstanding outcomes.

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