How is KITE/KOOL program helping Malayalam Speakers?


Digitalization is the gateway to development. In a matter of some years, the use of paper will be restricted to very few tasks. Digitalization is happening in every field – Education, Administration, and nowadays even court proceedings are taking place over video conferencing. Some may owe this change to the pandemic. But this change was inevitable, the pandemic has just sped the process up. Digital education once seemed like pilot projects of state governments but has now become a necessity. Learnings can never stop, and everyone has the right to access Education content and India is slowly and surely taking steps in the right direction. The National Education Policy 2020 envisions a modern education framework that once implemented will completely change the dynamics of education in our country. 


The Kerala government aims to become completely digitalized with well-drafted schemes and plans. The first step towards development is education. This is where the most emphasis is laid on. Teaching children using technology and preparing them to develop better technology, is the goal that the lawmakers plan to achieve. The [email protected] project laid the foundation stone for Information technology education in primary and secondary education. This was then replaced by the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education which is tasked and now funded much heavily to accomplish the reasons why they were drafted. 


KITE’s Open Online Learning (KOOL) platform is a testament that the NEP 2020 has already been looked upon seriously. KOOL aims to impart knowledge about Smart and Hi-tech classrooms and train students and teachers to make full use of the resources available. KOOL platform also allows student-mentor interaction, assignment submission, and registrations. KOOL platform will be highly beneficial for developing skilled teachers. Courses in Malayalam have helped even people from remote and backward areas to come to terms with modern technologies. Although there are several restrictions that still plague the ambitious program such as power supply and an internet connection, the places where it is in action have brought fruitful results.


Digitalization carries a misconception that English will overshadow the regional languages and that people knowing it will have an advantage over those who don’t. Online Learning content in Malayalam has been a game-changer. Enrollment numbers have risen over the years. Adults who couldn’t complete education too are benefitting from this. Learning in Malayalam will help local people understand better and create an experienced workforce in the future for the state and the nation. Hence, it is necessary to create a network of well-composed Malayalam content. But all these Malayalam education content online requires typing and composing them in an organized manner. Typing such extensive content for the benefit of the people and even teaching students and teachers how to Type in Malayalam seems difficult and time-consuming at first, but the use of amazing typing keyboards has made the job surprisingly easy.


The best Malayalam typing keyboard on Android is Bharat AI’s Malayalam keyboard app which has amazing features which allow fast typing and compilation of texts. The purpose of teaching should not just be able to read, write and understand but to know how to converse – either professionally or casually. Because that will be real empowerment and growth of the citizens. Malayalam Keyboard is also a Manglish keyboard, which means it suggests Malayalam words in an English keyboard too.

So, what exactly does the Manglish app – Malayalam keyboard have, which would make KITE’s purpose be achieved quicker? Read ahead – the Features of the Malayalam Keyboard app.

Malayalam typing:  This option lets you type directly in Malayalam. The letters are arranged in a simple manner which makes typing simple. Word suggestions and autocorrect will help prevent mistakes.  The keyboard can be personalized according to will and requirements. The benefit of this is the user can work more efficiently when the conditions are favorable or comfortable. 


English to Malayalam conversion: This is no ordinary feature and I’m not talking about translation. This feature allows you to type Malayalam words with English letters. Words will automatically be converted into Malayalam in real-time. Suggestions, autocorrect features will be work in this input type too. Also, the user can also get the English word typed too if they require. It would come at the suggestion bar on the top of the keyboard. 


Manglish keyboard: An English keyboard with Malayalam words in its memory for fast Manglish typing without interruptions from autocorrect. The words you type, in case not available on the keyboard will automatically be saved in its memory and will be beneficial for the user later. 


Speech to Text: When it comes to typing long texts or educational content, typing is often time-consuming and widely used. But the use of speech to text can be used to minimize these efforts. The reason why typing is still prevalent is because of the lack of knowledge on speech-to-text features. Using this feature, a user can simply speak in Malayalam and get the text generated by the keyboard. Keyboard also provides you with suggestions in case the text wasn’t exactly what you had said. 


Hindrance to creating educational content is not acceptable and for that, the Malayalam keyboard has a complete package of features for the best user experience. The KOOL platform has had many beneficiaries and the number continues to grow. It is the responsibility of everyone to help each other and guide children from a young age towards becoming a skilled workforce and further contribute to the country’s development.


Besides Malayalam, Bharat Keyboard also has dedicated keyboards for Hindi, Marathi, and Bangla. Out of which Marathi Keyboard App is my personal favorite. In short Bharat Keyboard has made these keyboard to for every user’s portability and ease of us. Try them out now to experience it yourself.

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