How Can I Access D Link Extender Setup Wizard?

You can access the D link extender setup wizard in an instant. However, for that, you need to follow the right procedure. A little mistake might completely hamper your access to the D Link extender setup wizard. In that case, you might have to repeat the whole process from the start. So, you should know what should be avoided and what you need to follow to access extender setup wizard.

Let us guide you to have the right sequence to log into your extender and open the extender setup wizard. Get through the points given below. Do not miss even a single point. Keep reading.

Steps to Open D Link Extender Setup

Power on D Link Extender

Plug your extender into a wall socket. Press the power button. If the extender does not start, you should press the start button on the extender. Further, attach the antennas to the extender. The socket that you choose should be in perfect working condition. There should be no signs of short-circuiting. Moreover, the extender should fit tightly into the wall plug.

Link With Router

To access dlinkap.local setup wizard, you need internet access. Hence, connect your extender to the host router. You can do that by using the Ethernet cable. In case you don’t have an Ethernet cable, you can link the devices wirelessly. To establish a wireless connection, the distance between the devices should be adequate.

Place the Extender

Once the connection is established, choose the right place to set the extender. It should be central location in your house. Also, there must be minimal WiFi interference. Hence, keep a check over heavy electrical gadgets in your house during extender placement. Never place the extender in a corner or by a window. Also, remove mirrors and fish tanks from the central location where you are going to place the extender.

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Open Web Browser

Turn on a computer and launch a web browser. Make sure you choose an updated web browser. Along with that, the chosen web browser should be compatible with the computer or laptop. Make sure that the web browser does not crash during the whole process. A few good web browser examples are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Enter Default Web Address

Now, click on the address bar of the web browser. Type http://dlinkap.local in the address bar. Further, there must not be any typing error while entering the default web address. Also, the web address should be entered only in the address bar and not the search bar. Press the Enter key once you are done with the address.

Type in Login Details

The D Link extender login page appears on your home screen after pressing the Enter key. Hence, you will need your extender login details to enter the extender setup wizard. So, get through the user manual if you don’t know your default login credentials. The login details are case-sensitive. Therefore, make sure you enter only the correct details.

Click on the Log In button after you have typed the login credentials. When you do that, you are redirected to the extender setup wizard. Hence, you get access to numerous wireless settings of your D Link extender.

Wrap Up

Many users can’t access the D Link extender setup wizard through a web interface. Well, in that case, you can use mydlink app. It will help you do the extender login without any hassle. Just make sure you don’t do a mistake while taking any step. When you follow each step at the right time, you can open extender setup page in an instant.

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