Hoverboard: Innovative Technology of Modern age

The self-balancing electric scooters are one of the latest and most innovative technologies of modern age. The design of these electronic scooters is very unique and eye-catching. The sturdy framework and heavy-duty rubber tires of an best electronic scooter for teenager allow the rider to enjoy the adventurous ride on slopes, terrains and bumpy landscapes. The Bluetooth speakers enable the rider to access through apps and listen to the favorite music while enjoying the ride. The electronic scooter offers a high speed and wide range to cover the long distances without worrying about charging because of a powerful and long-lasting battery life. The built-in LED lights help the rider to enjoy the ride during the night and it also adds beauty and color to the electronic scooter. The self-balancing electronic scooters are tested and certified for safe performance. They are also eco-friendly and do not cause any kind of pollution, damage or mishap. If you are looking for self balance electric scooter reviews, you are in the right place. Let’s jump to the review section of hoverbie two-wheel hoverboard scooter reviews.



Swagtron hover-board with App enabled-Bluetooth

Swagton hover-board is one of the beast self-balancing scooters. It comes with dual motors for high performance. It is safe for kids as well as adults. It is lightweight and easy to carry. This Smart Hover Scoter will allow you to navigate through maps. The motors are eco-friendly with zero rate of pollution. It is a handy machine, which needs to be in your feet. The design is very classic and quite intriguing as well. The priority of swagtron is to provide safety for its users that are why they made it Water Proof. It comes with a universal charger that means no need to panic if your charger is lost or you broke it, you can simply buy a new universal charger. Hard rubber tires are attached to aluminum rimmed wheels which will provide you the best experience. Comes with Modes, Standard Mode limits speed and acceleration for new Users, Advance Mode unblocks all the restrictions.      


  •     Bluetooth speakers
  •     Own model App to monitor Battery performance and speed
  •     UL certified
  •     Max load 220 Lbs.
  •     Range 8 Mile
  •     Climb Angle 30 degrees



  •     Max Speed is not quite insignificant
  •         Battery Capacity is low


Tomoloo Hover-board with Bluetooth speaker

Tomoloo hover-board is a global leader in the Self-balancing scooter. All of the models of Tomoloo products have exquisite designs that are patented around the world. It has the most sophisticated program of balancing and stability. The program of Tomoloo hover-board can be upgraded or changed according to self-needs. The product is UL2272 certified which means you do not need to worry about your safety. Exclusive high technology is used in its construction to ensure self-balancing property. It comes with 8.5 inches off-road wheels, Bluetooth and speakers to make your riding experience memorable. You do not need an app for its functioning. The all-terrain electronic scooter will let you ride anywhere whether it is snow, Sand, Mud & Ceramic tiles


  •     Multi-functions lights
  •     Programmable Soft ware
  •     Mechanical Balancing
  •     Gyroscope sensor technology
  •     Bluetooth Speaker
  •     12 months Warranty and Servicing
  •     Bluetooth Speaker


  •     Climbing Degree is very low
  •     Max Speed is Insufficient


Segway Mini Lite Balancing electric transporter

Segway Mini Lite transporter is a good self-balancing board. It has large air-filled tires that increase the stability absorbs the shocks giving you a very smooth ride without any chance of friction or resistance. It is very light in weight so it is easier for the rider to carry it to different places. Segway Lite transporter can adapt different terrains such as slopes, roads, plains or any other rough surface. It also provides a high speed and wide range to cover the large distances. The product has a long-lasting battery. It is very easy to handle and a great choice for beginners. No mobile app is required to monitor this electric transporter.



  •     Lightweight
  •     Max Speed up to 10 MPH
  •     App controllable
  •     Easy to ride
  •     Affordable Price
  •     Air Filled Tires
  •     Appropriate for age 6+


  •     Small battery size
  •     Max Load 175 Lbs.


EPIKGO Self balancing scooter

EPIKGO self-balancing scooter is a few of the models which are very popular since 2017. Electric scooters for adults the Most favorite self-balancing machine has all that it takes to be the Beast in the club due to its all-terrain tires which can move on mud, water, snow, grass, and ceramics. It also has LED lights which gives a clear view ahead. It can bear 44 to 250 pounds weight of the rider. The manufacturing is very powerful with high speed and wide range. It comes with a fast-charging battery. The product has a UL 2272 certification to ensure the safety of the rider.


  •     Quick acceleration
  •     All-terrain tire
  •     Certified Water Proof
  •     Fast speed
  •     Dual Motors
  •     Max weight limit of 240 Lbs.
  •     Fast Charging


  •     Climb Degree is only 18

Swagtron Swagboard Pro Hover-board electric scooter

The electric scooter has a boasting speed of 8mph and can easily cover 7 to 12 miles. It has a 250-watt motor and a large battery. It comes with riding modes, rubber bumpers, battery indicators and LED lights which makes it different from its competitors. You need only one hour for a full recharge of the battery. It has UL certification which means you don’t need to worry about fire. Moreover, its multi-layer patented shield protection ensures the safety of the rider and the board itself



  •     Up to 12mph top speed
  •     Riding modes
  •     Smart Battery
  •     Climbing angle capability is 30 degrees
  •     Safety Features
  •     Charging time 1 hour
  •     Rubber Bumpers
  •     7-12 Mile Range
  •     Downhill Contraction control


  •     Only fit for specific Terrains

•      No air filled Tires to absorbs Shocks

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