Houses and garages

Garages made their debut in the US in the 1940s when American architects started building a housing space for cars inside homes. Modern garages are nowhere similar to the ones which were built in the 1900s. The start of the 20th century came with a lot of life-changing innovations, one of the major ones being automobiles. In the beginning, cars were considered only to be reserved for the super privileged class. These wealthy car owners soon realised that they needed a place to house their cars; they didn’t miss the fact that they had huge carriage houses which were once used to house carriages and horses which drew them. Looking at the sheer space, business ideas were quickly put into practice. They repurposed the carriage houses into garages and rented them out to the public. Now garages with garage roller doors are used in most houses, the old idea of public garages has also evolved into public paid car parks.

Garages today

Today garages have a huge range of functions, from being an additional storage place for the house to serving its initial purpose of sheltering cars. In today’s world, we see a lot of uniquely designed houses that have garages built into them as a premium feature.


Importance of a garage in crowded cities

Having a garage is quickly becoming a need in many cities and neighbourhoods. Parking spaces are incredibly tough to find in crowded cities like Melbourne and Brisbane, even in residential suburbs. This makes basic everyday life tough for residents. Having a garage is considered to be more of a need for new house buyers rather than a bonus.


As mentioned above, garages have a multitude of functions in today’s world with obvious uses of protecting cars from external weather. The more common functions we see other than that are extra storage space, a workshop for do-it-yourself projects like woodwork, painting, etc.


Australien trends with garages

We are more accustomed to seeing many multi-car housing garages in Australia with single, double and triple car housing garages. The large size of housing plots in Australia is to blame for this trend. Australia also has strict laws when it comes to the construction of garages with the minimal requirement for single-car garages to be at least 3.0m × 5.4m.

Garages and varieties

There are a lot of varieties of garages based on utilisation. These have already been explained previously. Other than them, there are different types of garages based on the types of doors they use. From earlier times of the 1970s, we see that the double barn doors and the B&d roller doors continue to maintain popularity in the crowds of Australia, with the B&D Roller doors becoming the most used doors in Australia. As time moves on, we see that the American style roll-up doors with motors becoming a favourable option in the newer homes of the country. Garage roller doors are becoming very commonly used for ease of access and less maintenance.


Maintaining garages is an important process when you own one. Without proper maintenance, garages can become a disconnected part of a house that no one wants to enter, making it redundant and abandoned after some time. Apart from cleaning garages, maintaining safety with proper doors is also essential because many times in newer houses, the entrance is available from inside the garage.

In Australia, many service providers offer quality door installations and repair services that help people easily fix and replace their garage doors, and even upgrade them.

There are many new options for automated doors in garages that help with the ease of access part of owning a garage.







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