Hotels in the world that can hold the best events

When preparing a business meeting or event, the location you choose is almost as crucial as the schedule. 

The venue may make or break how attendees perceive your organisation at the event. 

Employees, board members, clients, and people accompanying them have already formed an opinion of your company before they arrive. 

The event and how effectively it is put together will most likely influence those thoughts and opinions positively or badly. It is best to trust resort managers when running the best events.

Location is important

Regardless of the type of event, a terrible experience reflects poorly on the host. 

On the other hand, a positive meeting can convert even the most sceptic into a believer. 

It would be best to choose the ideal venue and hotel for your business event to have remarkable success. 

Professional meetings have a demonstrated track record at some hotel chains. So, why reinvent the wheel and add to your workload, especially when the result is so critical?

When it comes to business events, not all hotels are equal.

Hotels that cater to corporate clients and significant events have overcome significant challenges. They have a strategy for every size conference, are centrally located in their city, and provide necessary amenities for business travellers. 

Stick with the professionals for your next event to focus on the details rather than the big picture.

Although many hotels have done this, there are a few standout examples that we’ll spotlight. Depending on where your event is being held, one of these well-known hotel chains should be close by.

Let’s look at some of the best hotels and chains for business stays and events around the world:


The Drury Hotel chain is spread across 25 states and includes over 150 sites. The hotel’s concept is happiness: if guests are happy, employees are happy, and if participants at your event are pleased, then it’s a win all round!

Meeting spaces, amenities, and loyalty programmes are just a few of the “extras” available on-site to help you achieve that goal.

Details on the Business Meeting Room

With the assistance of their skilled team, hosting your next event at a Drury Hotel is a lot easier. Look for the “Meetings Collection” label at the place you’re considering before making a reservation. Not all Drury’s are equipped to host events; those with this designation are “meeting-centric” hotels that specialise in event planning and execution. 

Small and midsize professional and personal gatherings can be held in various configurations. Resort managers are always prepared to help execute any size event. 

Each package can be tailored to your event’s specific requirements and budget. There is audio and video equipment for training sessions and presentations, flexible cuisine options, and hotel amenities.

Amenities of the Hotel 

You know a hotel is doing something right when it receives the J.D. Power award for “Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Upper Midscale Hotel Chains.” This award has been given to Drury Hotels for the past sixteen years. 

Drury’s travel,  hospitality services and extras have earned it this distinction. The focus has been on delivering economical, welcoming overnight stays since the first hotel opened in 1973.

Today, this includes regular free perks like:

  • Hot breakfasts
  • Dinnertime snacks and drinks
  • WiFi
  • Fitness centre and pool access

The loyalty programme offers even additional benefits to frequent visitors. You earn points as you stay, which you can redeem for several advantages. Each £1 spent on a hotel earns you ten loyalty points. You may use them to book future nights, buy gift cards, or earn airline miles.


Hilton Hotels is one of the most well-known names in the hotel sector, with a diverse portfolio of accommodation brands. From conventional overnight accommodations at a Doubletree to all-inclusive at Conrad Hotels, there’s something for everyone.

Rooms for Business Meetings and Planning 

Reduce the time it takes to prepare a corporate event by focusing on the best location for you. Due to Hilton’s global hotel presence, this should be simple. 

Provide answers to a few questions, such as the number of guest rooms you’ll require and the size of the conference room you desire. The results will show you the Hilton properties that best meet your requirements, and you can investigate each one. However, if it doesn’t work for your business, you can always contact a resort manager.

Amenities of the Hotel 

Because Hilton’s properties range from budget to luxury, the amenities available vary per location.

For example, value-oriented businesses like Canopy, Hampton, and Embassy Suites provide complimentary breakfast at more premium locations, such as the Hilton Garden Inn. 

Regardless of the brand, the following amenities are always available:

  • Baggage storage
  • Digital keys
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Fitness centres
  • Complimentary breakfast

The Hilton Honors rewards programme is divided into several levels. The awards you’ll receive are determined by your tier, which ranges from Member to Diamond. 

Discounted prices, complimentary bottled water, rollover rates, upgrades, and access to the Elite lounge are just a few perks.

The amenities become more luxurious when you stay in a Hilton Worldwide luxury hotel, like the Waldorf Astoria. Hilton’s high-end properties are comparable to the Four Seasons and the Ritz-Carlton. Spas, room service, and high-end restaurants are available on-site for guests’ enjoyment. 

These hotels, among the best globally, are located in major cities such as London, Las Vegas and New York

Best Western

For decades, Best Western has had a reputation for being courteous, economical, and dependable for hotel brands. Best Western is frequently compared to Hampton Inn and LaQuinta as an upper-midscale brand. 

The hotel also includes premium and luxury lines and prestigious event facilities, which most people are unaware of. 

The hotel and resort brands have a global presence in over 100 countries and territories. Travellers worldwide choose Best Western for their accommodations, and event planners entrust the hotel with crucial meetings.

Business Meeting Rooms

To arrange an event at a Best Western, start by deciding where you want it to occur. Depending on the type of event you’re organising, you may look for what meeting rooms are available at that particular hotel. Best Western accommodates any occasion you can think of, from conferences to weddings

Hotel Amenities

The brand and location determine the amenities you’ll get at each Best Western. 

There are a few items that everyone gets, regardless of whatever hotel they stay in, such as:

  • Breakfast is complimentary. 
  • There is a mini-fridge in the room. 
  • There is a work desk in the room and free WiFi. 
  • Access to the fitness centre

We have discussed only a few options in this article. You have probably noticed that different hotels in the same chain may have slightly different capabilities. It is best to contact the resort manager if you are ever unsure about what services the hotel can provide. They will help and support you while organizing any event.

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