High Quality Dropshipping Sourcing 

For those who own e-commerce stores, dropshipping offers an excellent business opportunity because it allows you to sell products that you don’t have and still make some profit. All you have to do is put the product on your ecommerce site, and when a sale is made, the dropshipping company that you are partnering with ships the product to the buyer.

What is dropshipping?

This is an arrangement or a method of order fulfillment where you enter into a partnership with a supplier to showcase and also sell products on their behalf in your online store. The benefit is that you will be selling a product that you don’t have in stock, and this saves you from the costs that are related to holding stock.

Drop shipping is a highly effective method of order fulfillment that can be used on any product, including the biggest and most popular global brands. Although there are a few downsides, such as low profit margins, challenges with finding the right product sourcing partner, and cut-throat competition, the rewards can be amazing.

Work with the best dropshipping suppliers

To succeed in your dropshipping business, you should endeavor to work with the best supplier. Some dropshippers are small businesses that are difficult to find, and there are also serious scammers who may try to defraud you by demanding a monthly fee or a large upfront deposit.

The best dropshipping suppliers that you can work with

If you are looking for high quality dropshipping sourcing and guarantee your customers that they will receive high quality products that are actually similar to what you have advertised in your online shop, here are a few reputable and reliable companies that can help with your product sourcing.

1. Spocket

This dropshipping marketplace makes it possible for retailers to establish and also grow their online store. These dropshippers connect reputable retailers to top supplies across Europe and also in the United States of America.

2. AliExpress Dropshipping

AliExpress serves both as a dropshipping and wholesale platform. It creates the perfect connection that dropshippers need to make with suppliers of products, which include apparel and consumer electronics, among others.

3. Modalyst

This platform partners with AliExpress to offer dropshipping. It is highly automated and has an app with big trending brand names.

4. SaleHoo

This is a directory of wholesale suppliers which helps to connect dropshippers to suppliers who work in general niches as well as in highly specific niches. SaleHoo is highly popular and is considered to be in the same category as Alibaba.

5. Doba

This marketplace creates a list of suppliers and manufacturers and puts them all in one place. By using Doba, you will be able to search for wholesale products in a specific industry and create your own custom lists.

How to spot and avoid fake dropshipping suppliers

When searching for dropshipping suppliers, you need to be wary of fake wholesalers. Some of them don’t employ the best search engine optimization strategies, so it can be hard to find them when you do a Google search. Fake wholesalers ask for minimum orders, ongoing fees, and pre-order fees, among others.



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