Here is the Upcoming news for Bficoin

Here is the Upcoming news for Bficoin

BFIC’s main objective is to create a Crypto-based “Digital Economy” with which no other Cryptocurrency can compete. BFIC Protocol incorporates a universal and intelligent general ledger in order to become the backbone of global trade.

For the next couple of years, BFICoin’s roadmap has been set in quarterly and monthly terms. The key elements of this roadmap provide an indication of when various Bfic ecosystem projects will be launched. By far, we have recently witnessed that the company had made announcements on its upcoming projects which are: CryptoCash, BFIC store, and Bbonds. In this blog, we will be looking over the upcoming news of these new projects.

Crypto Cash

As you all know, this project was recently announced at the firm’s mega-event that was held in Dubai. It’s a virtual Master debit card that you get when you join up for an online account. You can use it to make payments on the BFIC store and any other Bficoin function. Furthermore, Cryptocurrency debit/credit cards allow users to make online or in-person transactions as well as withdraw money from ATMs using BFIC. This is undoubtedly the future of debit cards, which will be hailed as a secure way to spend money online without disclosing your real credit or debit card information.

Now the firm has finally announced that Crypto Cash bookings will be submitted, and cards will be launched in the coming weeks. Your virtual card will be issued and displayed on the screen after you have registered and funded your card. The card will carry the name of the cardholder, the card number, a three-digit security code, and the card’s expiration date. To further protect your funds, these debit/credit cards will include advanced security features.

BFIC store

It is a utility-based project within the BFIC ecosystem. The company expanded its reach, being the first to use Bficoin as a payment method. The BFIC Store is the world’s first e-commerce store to use Bficoin as a payment method, and it will host 100+ international brands’ online stores.

The company has now made a new announcement that The first e-commerce (crypto commerce platform) bfic store will soon go live and entertain users with online shopping via bficoin. The BFIC store will allow anonymous purchases using Love wallet or any other encrypted wallet addresses, simulating the use of unmarked currency. Customers will be able to buy products without providing personal information, and they will be able to shop without concern of breaking any privacy laws.

BBonds (digital crypto bonds)

BBOND is the world’s first digital crypto powerful bond with several revenue-generating opportunities for its holders. The money you put into buying BBonds can be kept safe, invested through a smart contract, or used to help you win a large prize through a lottery system, just like any other prize bond.

Their fundamental structure or functioning is the same as any other digital bond: a digitally produced bond number that is highly secure and can be instantaneously liquidated against the digital currency. The American Powerball lottery will be used by BBond. The more digits on your BBond match the lottery numbers, the more unbiased the draw is, leaving no question in the minds of investors. The greater the prize sum, the more digits on your BBond match the lottery numbers.

The upcoming news that has been reported by the company is that Bbond (crypto bonds) will soon be launched. This means that the investors can purchase BBonds using their BFICoins and win multiple bitcoin prizes. In addition, every 15 days, you can earn BFIC in a lucky draw. The amount of the jackpot is determined by the number of digits that match between the American Powerball lottery numbers and the BBond digits. However, if you want to learn more about the lottery system, how it works and Live Draw Sdy, you can visit the official website:

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