Healing Powers Of Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstones are gorgeous. There’s magically teeming in them. But these magnificent, soothing crystals have only recently come into the connoisseurs’ limelight. And what’s the hype about it, you ask? Well, the gemstone legends say this popularity is a byproduct of the healing properties it carries. So, yes, moonstones have an otherworldly appearance. But, they also come complemented with the gift of healing! Be it their positive vibrations or their virtuous impact on mental well-being – they win hearts in every aspect. And we’re sure you aren’t quite aware of more of their attractive healing attributes. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll ahead and find out everything about the healing powers of wholesale moonstone silver jewelry

But first, let’s understand how moonstones cause all that healing:

How does moonstone help in healing?:

Looking closely at the wholesale silver handmade jewelry markets, you’ll see moonstone ornaments winning customers’ votes due to their therapeutic prowess. Now, let’s see how it comes to action:

Moonstone channels lunar energy to the wearer, well known for its healing effects. Thus, the wearer’s psychic abilities are enhanced, arousing a sense of mental calmness. Also, wearing a moonstone is believed to awaken the same peaceful sensation as when one sits by the river under the moonlight. Because of these reasons, moonstone ornaments like moonstone rings, pendants, earrings, etc., are considered an excellent medium for maintaining mental health and well-being. 

What are the best healing benefits of moonstone?

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the incredible healing benefits of moonstone to guide your journey towards the most suitable one for you:

  1. FertilityAccording to gemstone experts, moonstone is a quintessential feminine stone. Besides, in Chinese philosophy, it is said to balance the yin and yang or the male and female aspects of a person. Thus, it is believed to improve female health. Moreover, for men wanting to explore their feminine side, moonstone could be of great help.

  2. Emotional well-being – Moonstone is driven by lunar energy. It emits a relaxing and calming aura. Anxiety, frustration, anger is translated into feelings of calmness and peace over time, and it makes one feel as calm as a person sitting by a pond under the moonlight!

  3. Spirituality – Today, moonstones are used as a meditation crystal by all those who believe in the supremacy of gemstones. But in the olden times, the mystics used moonstones in their spiritual practices. In fact, legends also believed one could keep a moonstone in their mouth during a full moon and see the future. Such a powerful stone!

  4. Skincare – Another exciting benefit of moonstone is that it can treat your skin-related issues too. No wonder why moonstone-infused creams and facial rollers are so buzzing!

  5. Creativity – For creative individuals, moonstone can be beneficial. It is said to spur creativity and attract good fortune in one’s life. 

How to identify if a moonstone is real or fake?

In wholesale gemstone jewelry shops, one can easily get fooled by artificial stones. So, how to tell if the moonstone you own is real or not? Let’s see:

  • A genuine moonstone has a blue sheen. 
  • No air bubbles are found inside a real moonstone. 
  • Real moonstone possesses inclusions, unlike fake ones.
  • Repetitive layers or micro layers are found in real moonstones. 
  • Real moonstones don’t get heated quickly.

If there’s anything the world needs right now, it’s mental well-being. And moonstone’s impressive healing powers don’t only facilitate that but also help in treating other issues. So, if you want to reap these benefits, add a moonstone to your shopping cart now!

Moonstone crystals own a special place in our hearts for obvious reasons. Be it their healing powers or their fantastic features – everything is mind-blowing. So, if you want to know this stone a tad bit better, read this blog and find out the healing powers of moonstone jewelry and fall in love with them. 

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