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All about peat

Peat is a lump-like material that is just like coal. In simple terms, if you think peat is also coal then it won’t be too wrong. Scientifically speaking, coal is the established version of peat. This material is widely used for centuries all over the world for various purposes mainly cooking and heating. Peat briquettes are still widely used to heat the place.

We know there are various latest heating systems available now. However, the cost is the main factor that contributes to the selection of such heating systems. The conventional heating system still uses Peat Briquettes as the fuel to run the heating system.

However, quality matters a lot. If you think that this heating system is old and can be operated on poor-quality fuel then you are just compromising your place and your safety. Heating system is one of those things that requires great maintenance to be in its perfect shape otherwise they not just cause problems, they pose serious threats as well.

You know what, each year more than half of the fire cases are because of the poorly operating heating system. Although, with each passing year the chance of any such happening is reducing still the risk is there. Thus, it is important that you took this matter seriously and make sure to select the company wisely to have the best fuel for your heating system.

Importance of the right fuel for a vehicle

You may not be aware of this but almost all kinds of fuels are petroleum products. From petrol to diesel to lubricants, no matter what kind of fuel you want it would be the derivative of petroleum. Now, the question is if they all are petroleum derivatives then how are they different?

Well, the answer is simple the refining process separates them into different products which vary in quality as well. Refining is the industrial process under which various products are separated from raw petroleum. After refining comes the cleaning.

Peat Briquettes
Peat Briquettes

These separated products are cleaned to remove any kind of impurities from the end product. This is the most important step because without cleaning derivatives the contaminants of one product in another can affect your vehicle a great deal.

You often heard or read the term lead-free diesel or petrol. Well, this lead wasn’t originally in the product, it came during such refining, if it is not removed after refining it not only will affect your vehicle but also contaminate the environment.

The lead in the fuel has a long lifetime and serious effects on the environment. It contaminates the air from where it goes in the human respiratory channel and as lead is a heavy metal so instead of passing through the body it is just stuck there piling up.

Which ultimately causes serious diseases. So, long story short selection of the right fuel is not just important for you but also it is your social responsibility as a citizen to make sure that you are not affecting your environment.

Fuel polishing

Fuel polishing is an extremely technical cleaning system to remove microbial contamination from stored fuel. As oil or any other fuel contains long chains of hydrocarbon which is a complex organic material, and microorganisms feed on organic material.

There is a high chance of microbial contamination of your stored oil or hydrocarbon fuel. There is nothing you can adopt to prevent this from happening, but don’t worry if you think your stored oil has microbial contamination then Fuel Polishing is a great way to remove that.

There are not many companies in the UK that can provide you with this service, so if you are here reading this then you are in right place. We at 123 oil provide excellent service to remove every kind of contaminant from your fuel.

Most of the time such contamination occurs in red diesel and biodiesel, but you don’t have to stress about them. You can have this cleansing service for any kind of fuel. Feel free to reach us anytime. We would be glad to help you.

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