Hat Styling Ideas for The Fashion Season Of 2021

On a sunny day, or whether you are struggling with hair troubles or if the weather conditions demand it, – a hat can be the answer to all of it. But in today’s fashion world, hats are worn more as an accessory, and the best part is that their functionality remains high.

Whether it is accessories, a woman’s outfits, or a man’s, hats have always been a versatile way. They are convenient, easy to flaunt, and attractive, making them a wonderful accessory to elevate your outfit. Now that hat fashion has touched almost every corner of the globe, you can wear it whenever, however, and wherever you wish to. The wide variety of hat types available makes it all the more popular among fashion enthusiasts and people in general.

Your outfit can get accentuated with an easy styling idea giving you the perfect fashionista look but with a twist.

Below are a few hat types and how you can style them to help you rock the hat look!

Straw Fedoras

Woven hats are usually worn with casual outfits as they are lightweight and give that effortless chic uplift to your clothing. Straw hats are the perfect go-to hat style for warm, sunny days. You can don your hat with a pair of loafers, a white top, and some shorts. Woven hats also give summery vibes when paired with wedges and a summer dress.

Narrow Brimmed-Hat

The modern fashion industry has witnessed a comeback of previous fashion trends several times. Narrow brimmed hats look cute and give out an ultra-feminine look if you turn the brim down. However, the style got worn back in the 1900s. But even today, the style is classic and looks effortlessly cute. You can style your narrow brimmed hat with a dress suit or co-ord skirt set and pumps.

Wide Brim Hats

Fedoras with wider brims are a favorite among celebrities. With the brim tilted towards the forehead, you can pull off a classic look. You might even pass off as a star avoiding paparazzi, with the wide-brimmed hat covering most of your face! The hat looks best when paired alongside formal outfits, giving your attire a graceful touch.

You can even don the fedora with heels, a dress, or a skirt set. If you want to opt for a casual OOTD, you can try boots and jeans paired with the wide-brimmed hat.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are a common sight on the heads of tourists, hikers, people fishing, and so many more. Bucket hats are currently at the peak of their fashion plight. But when considered mainstream functionality, bucket hats are the epitome of comfort and a laid-back vibe. The style looks great with short haircut but looks just as fabulous with long hair as well. Bucket hats look best with a pair of boots and shorts.


Berets are usually associated with France and its people, even though berets also formed an aspect of several military uniforms throughout the years. People wear Berets for casual outings; however, certain beret styles can get a fancier vibe to your outfit.

There is no correct or wrong method of wearing the beret hat. It can get donned in any way you like. Some fashionistas prefer to tilt down the beret a little, while some lean it towards the side. Some may even push back as well. You can try out the styles to choose what suits you the best.

Watch Caps and Beanies

People wear watch caps during cold, harsh weather conditions as it is tightly knit and helps keep your head warm. While beanies, somewhat similar to watch caps, are worn on top of the head. You can wear it tilted back so that the front of the hat slouches a bit towards the top.

The current fashion season has seen a rise in beanie fashion. You can pair it with any casual outfits or outfits styled as athletic wear.

Newsboy Cap

The newsboy cap is called a variety of names including, apple cap, bandit cap, baker boy, or pageboy hat. No matter the name, it remains a classic and looks effortlessly chic. It has a brim at the front, while it’s rounded at the back. Some newsboy caps may even sport a button at the center.

Newsboy caps come out of wool, but you might get them in lightweight materials. The hat style is casual and looks best when worn with outfits that you can get in are influenced by menswear.

Baseball Caps

Unlike most people think, baseball caps are not limited to athletes or only worn at athletic events. You can wear baseball caps almost anywhere and anytime. They are comfortable and do a great job of protecting you from the sun. Baseball caps look great with casual, minimal outfits.

You can add a jacket, preferably denim, or sweater with a solid colored cap. If you can carry it well, baseball caps can look great even with dresses and skirts.

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