Guide for Beginners of Amity University Dubai

Guide for Beginners of Amity University Dubai

Guide for Beginners of Amity University Dubai


Amity University Dubai is the largest multidisciplinary university in the United Arab Emirates, dedicated to providing world-class education and research. Forbes magazine ranked Dubai Amity University in the top five in the UAE. Students from more than 49 countries are enrolled for a truly global learning experience. Faculty professors, scholars and eminent students can use the institute to study abroad and expand the boundaries of knowledge for their own personal development and the benefit of society as a whole. The institution also promotes research and creativity as well as success to create an environment that develops young brains as leaders of the future.


Dubai Amity University is the first university in the world to be awarded the Dubai Human Development Award (DHDAA). The National Evaluation and Accreditation Board (NAAC) gave Amity University of Dubai an A + rating. The institute is the largest and best private university campus in Dubai, with the largest dormitory and sports facilities. Attractions of Dubai Amity University include, for example, recognition, offered courses, infrastructure facilities and more.


Amiti University of Dubai was awarded the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) in 2020 in the field of education. The Department of Education and Human Development (KHDA) is responsible for the development, expansion and overall quality of private education in Dubai. In 2019, KHDA announced the first ranking of its branch universities in Dubai. Amity University Dubai received a 5-star rating in a variety of key categories, including training, equipment, innovation, program strength, and more. The Institute is awarded the following titles and awards for its high efficiency:

  • Winner of the Forbes Higher Education Award 2019 for Best Campus in the Middle East
  • The Dubai Human Development Award (DHDAA) was recently awarded to Amity University in Dubai, making it the first university to receive this honor.
  • Dubai Quality Assessment Award (DQAA), a 4-star rating at the Dubai Quality Award
  • EduRank ranked the institute 6th out of 36 in Dubai and 16th out of 66 in the UAE.
  • EduRank ranks 6770th out of 14160 places in the world and 2438th out of 5829 places in Asia.
  • UniRank ranks the institute 24th in the country and 8004th in the world


AU (Amity University), Dubai offers a total of 46 programs. Management, engineering and technology, science, architecture, design, law, arts and humanities, hospitality and tourism are among the disciplines covered by the institute. These all programs are available at the graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral levels. Management programs are accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). The Council of Architects (ACI) has approved the architecture program and the Indian Bar Association (BCI) has approved the law program. AU Dubai has also received IET certification for computer science, telecommunications, nanotechnology and aerospace applications.


Amity University Dubai offers 10 different departments offering a total of 46 programs in law, management, design, science, engineering, hotel management and more. In addition, Amity Dubai offers PG diplomas in advanced fields such as blockchain technology. & management, cybersecurity, data science, digital marketing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The institute has well-equipped specialized laboratories to provide an integrated academic experience for BTech aerospace engineering, BTech engineering and forensic students.


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