Guest Posting for Organic Visibility: 6 Proven Benefits

Everyone knows what a guest post is. They are posts which one writes for other blogs and websites, in exchange to get backlinks from those sites. A guest posting service has been around for many years now and it’s still one of the best ways to gain authority links and attract targeted traffic back to their site.

Here look deep into how joining this service has brought in more clients and revenue by tapping on the 6 following benefits:

1 More Web 2.0s

Guest posting services benefit us in the number of Web 2.0 sites we get to add their backlink on. With the guest posting service, clients can get up to 200 blog/article submissions every month and track their progress online through a detailed monthly report (how many links were created and how many were removed).

2 More Relevant Traffic

Contrary to popular belief, guest posting is not dead; it still drives tons of relevant traffic every day. As we create more and more high-quality content, they attract more and more audiences who are interested in what we have to offer. For example, if one is running an eCommerce website that sells beauty products, then their potential clientele will be women aged between the 20s-30s. Guest posting services will help them attract the right audience to their site by submitting their link on a beauty blog.

3 Longer Visitor Time

Setting up lots of backlinks is not enough to guarantee that the traffic coming in will stick around for long. Guest posting services do much more than just setting up links, they also work on the actual content too! Instead of writing “Click Here”, they’ll write something like “Discover The Secret Of Growing Hair ToThe Perfect Length” which adds much more value to one’s guest post and help lengthen the time visitors spend on their site.

4 More Engagement

The use of social media platforms has grown immensely over the years; this means bloggers now have many expectations when it comes to the comments section of a post. By joining up with a guest posting service, one can be sure that all their posts will have witty and insightful comments below them adding to the discussion, which in turn attracts more people to their site.

5 More Readership

In today’s day and age, content sharing sites like are serious competition for search engines as they rank high on Google’s first page for almost every key term. A good way to beat this is by getting backlinks from these sites as well because they can send thousands – if not millions – of readers across to their site.

6 Higher Cheek Of New Keywords

Keyword research is an ongoing process that allows us to identify new opportunities in our niche. Guest posting services go one step further with helping clients identify new keywords which will help us rank better in search engines. For example, when you submit their guest post on a beauty blog, they’ll also look at the keyword “beauty products” to see if there are any long-tail keywords that are less competitive and easier to rank for.

So, these were some fantastic benefits of guest posting service.

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