Gojek Clone: Smartest Cubejekx2021 App for All On-Demand Business

 App like Gojek have rightfully earned the status of being the smartest of all because of its contemporary and cutting-edge solution-oriented features which are as follows:

  • Booking Taxi through your Apple Smart-Watch

This ultramodern feature allows Riders to book Taxis using their Apple smartwatches with just a finger touch. All that your customer has to ensure is that their iWatches are connected to their iPhones and both have access to the internet. The Rider has to then download iPhone Rider App from the iOS App Store and consecutively another app gets automatically installed in the iWatch. Now your Rider is ready to hail Taxis with few simple taps on the Apple smart-watch. Your customer can even pay online using the iWatch! Driver details are displayed on the iWatch screen once the cab is booked. These details include Taxi Driver’s name and photograph, Taxi’s model number and number plate. 

  • Mandatory Selfie with the face mask on for Taxi Drivers

Face mask verification for Taxi Drivers is yet another classic example of this Gojek clone app commitment to stay at the forefront of fighting Covid-19 with full-might. Taxi Drivers have to compulsorily upload their selfies with the face mask on before starting the ride. The App Owner is constantly monitoring these Taxi Drivers to keep a check on their actions. The World Health Organisation had declared Covid-19 a global health crisis at the beginning of last year and had later on released strict safety guidelines to curb the spread of novel coronavirus. Wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands regularly were the prime two directives. That is why this face mask verification was the need of the hour!

  • Restricting Taxi Drivers’ from looting their Riders by charging them unsubstantiated high waiting period charges

The App Owner had noticed a recent spike in mischiefs committed on purpose by the Taxi Drivers. They would click on the “Arrived” icon of the Driver’s App when they are still miles away from the Pick-Up Location. They then charge the Rider with the in-between ‘forceful’ waiting period. This is why a new feature was launched that restricts the Taxi Driver from using the “Arrived” icon unless the Driver is hardly 70 yards away from the Pick-Up Location. The App Owner is the sole authority who can make changes to this range parameter by logging into the Admin Panel. For example, the App Owner will deactivate the “Arrived” icon for the Taxi Driver James Miller until he is inside the set radius parameter of the Pick-Up Location. When James is hardly 10 yards away is when he can say he has arrived at the location.  

  • Now book your Taxis, Food and Grocery online through this Super App’s website

This app has been designed to ensure seamless user-experience for the customers even when they don’t own a smartphone. They can simply go to the App’s website and place an order all from the comforts of their couch. Stay-at-Home Mom Rebecca is in the mood to make an Apple Cake for the kids. She is too tired to go to the nearest Grocery mart 6 miles away in her car. She goes to the website of Gojek Clone App and orders 1/2 pound of butter, 1 pound of sugar, 2 eggs, vanilla essence, 2 pounds of all-purpose flour, baking soda and ground cinnamon, 2 medium sized-apples, salt and chopped walnuts. Customers can even directly call the Dispatcher Panel of the App to place an order for Hawaiian style slow-cooked Pork Kalua via that phone call only.  


App like Gojek also have an in-built feature of providing graphical status of rides with the help of real-time tracking technology. It is because of features like this that this multi-service on-demand app is enjoying the monopoly of the market.

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