Game Fish Prawn Crab – Rules, Characters, Payouts, and Strategy

Having never played this type of game before? You’re in for a treat. We’ve outlined the Rules, Characters, Payouts, and Strategy in this article. Whether you’re a newcomer or a pro, we’ve got tips to help you win big. The Rules of Game Fish Prawn Crab (น้ำเต้าปูปลาไทย) are simple, but you should understand the Payouts in order to make the most of it.


The game Fish Prawn Crab, also known as Hoo Hey How, is a popular dice game with simple rules that allows a large group of players to compete. This game uses three dice with pictures of fish, prawn, crab, and tiger as the main symbols. This game is also popular with Chinese and Vietnamese groups, as you can use the dice to represent different items such as money, prawn, and crab.

There are 2 to 10 players per game. The dealer must play for 5 times, and the game starts when one player chooses the dealer. Players are limited to 21 total bets. In each round, the dealer rolls the dice and pays out a multiplier if all three dice land on the same symbol. If no dice are rolled, the game starts again. Once the dealer has been chosen, the remaining players have the option to take a turn as the dealer.

The dice in the Game Fish Prawn Crab are covered in pictures, and players place their wagers on the table. The dice are rolled and the results are displayed after a specified time period. The player who wins must collect enough money to win. The game is popular in Vietnam during the Tet holiday. The game is also played during the Lunar New Year, as a way to celebrate the year and count the new year.

Players can win or lose. The game is short-lived, which means losing won’t discourage you. Beginners should familiarize themselves with the game’s rules before playing. Be careful not to become greedy, and stop playing when losses exceed expectations. To maximize your chances of winning, choose a hall that suits your budget and avoid playing at high stakes. If you are not sure whether to try it yourself, here are four tips from experienced players.


The game Fish, prawn, crab uses three dice that have six different characters on each side. These symbols include the main ones: the Stag, Coin, Gourd, and Rooster. With all six different symbols, you will have an amazing time with this traditional board game. You may find it easier to play than you think. It’s a fun way to spend some time together with your family or friends and win some great rewards.

The Gourd Crab game originated in China and spread throughout Asia. It features six different animal symbols: a fish, shrimp, chicken, crab, and tiger. Each animal represents a specific number. When playing this game, the first animal you reach is the fish, shrimp, and gourd. The fish and shrimp character on the dice represent one, while the gourds character represents two. The crab and tiger represent five and six.


The payouts of this dice game are usually based on how many times the dice match up to a certain result. The game has a limit of two to ten players. You can also be the dealer if you wish. Players can bet on any number of outcomes. They must select a number between one and three before the game begins. A single bet means that the dice match the bet made by player A. If the bet is on a two or three, the result is matched by player B and player C.

The game has great winning chances for those who are willing to make large bets. The Single bet option is more advantageous than the other two. Once the player confirms their bets, the results of the dish will be displayed on the pop-up window. If the outcomes match, the player wins and is paid accordingly. The payouts are usually higher for the Single bet option.

There are many ways to win at this game. While memorizing outcomes has low winning odds, eliminating one option increases the chance of a winning outcome. In addition, an outcome that has appeared before may not appear in the following games. Therefore, it is recommended to place your bet on adjaction faces. The adjaction faces of previous outcomes are a mathematically calculated bet. When you place a bet on 3 same faces, you tie.

If you would like to win more money, you should try playing the Fish Prawn Crab game. This dice game is also called Hoo Hey How. It is the perfect game for beginners to experience traditional Asian and Chinese table games. However, if you are new to gambling, make sure you understand the steps in the game. You can begin playing this game by registering an account with the site.

This dice game has similarities to the famous Chuck-a-Luck dice game in the United States. Both of these games use three dice. The dice feature high and low numbers, but the payouts for Fish Prawn Crab are quite similar. The US version is also called birdcage, and uses standard dice instead of Chinese ones. In both versions, players shake a metal cage in order to determine how many dice to roll.


A game of dice in which you roll three dice with six characters on each side, such as a Rooster, a Stag, or a Gourd, is played by players with fish prawns or Thai gourds. The fish and gourds on the dice represent the main symbols, while the other characters are non-representative.

In addition to its traditional Chinese dice game, the Game Fish, prawn, crab also features picture symbols, making it easy to understand and play. It is similar to Sic Bo, which has gained immense popularity in casinos across the world. Whether you want to try a game of Fish, prawn, or crab with your family or friends, you’ll surely enjoy this experience.

A basic strategy in game fish prawn, crab, and gourd is to bet on the three symbols that appear on the dice. If the three symbols appear, the banker will pay twice the stake to the player, while if they don’t, they lose. Therefore, you’ll have to develop a strategy to maximize your chances of winning. This way, you’ll be able to win every time!

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