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Future of Investment in Kingdom Valley Vs Prime Valley


Both kingdom valley and prime valley are the ideal real estate investment for the residents of the twin cities. Moreover, both housing societies are developing to fulfil the living requirements of the investors. And the location and the prices of the plots are the attractive features of this real estate investment. Furthermore, they plan to offer an extravagant housing society with affordable housing schemes. Therefore, we can say both residential projects are the best real estate investment option. Lastly, continue reading to know which one is the better option.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom valley Islamabad is the unique housing society developing in the country. Moreover, the developers are here to provide homes to needy individuals. Furthermore, the housing project comes under the previous government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. And the features and facilities available here will enhance the living standards of the investors. Moreover, several properties will be available here, including residential and commercial properties. Lastly, the detailed benefits of investing here are as follows:

Prime Location

Site is the prime feature that all investors look at before making any residential investment. Moreover, the developers offer the best living space to all the investors. And the location is at the M2-Motorway near Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, the site is approachable from the Srinagar Highway and Rawalpindi Ring Road. Therefore booking a plot here is mandatory. Lastly, the location signifies that the housing scheme will be a great investment option for all the future residents.

Affordable Plot Prices

The housing scheme comes under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, which ensures an affordable lifestyle for all the investors. Moreover, the instalment plan will also be there to facilitate investors’ buying experience. And the prices range here starts from PKR 975,000 to PKR 13,000,000. Depending upon the requirements and the plot sizes, the price plan will be available. Therefore the future of investment in kingdom valley is bright.

Noc Status

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a legal housing scheme with legal status under the previous government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme under the registration number DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. Therefore, the future of investment here will be profitable. Most importantly, legality matters a lot when making any long-term investment like a real estate investment. Lastly, the investment here is lucrative.

Prime Valley Islamabad

Prime Valley Islamabad is another residential project developing in twin cities. Moreover, the developers here with the ideal living space for all the investors. And the best aspect of this real estate investment is the features and the facilities available here, which include all the essential and high-end services. Therefore, the future of investment here is vivid. Lastly, the investment here is profitable, and here are some of its reasons:

Ideal Location

The site is in the surrounding twin cities, making it a valuable investment option for all the investors, like the Seven Wonders City Islamabad. Moreover, the sitemap is near the Moza Sehal near the Blue World City of Islamabad. Furthermore, we can see the approachability from its closeness to the Srinagar Highway, M2 Motorway, Rawalpindi Ring Road and Islamabad International Airport. Therefore, the future of investment here will be valuable because of its location.

Reasonable Payment Plan

Like the New Metro City Gujar Khan, the plot prices will be reasonable, where investors from all economic backgrounds can invest. Moreover, there will also be an instalment plan that will help the residents make a direct real estate investment. First, however, the buyer must submit the downpayment to start the investment. Lastly, the detailed payment plan is still unavailable, but according to the pre-launch rates, the prices are incredibly realistic. And the total amount, depending upon the sizes of the plots, starts at PKR 1,125,000/- to PKR 6,000,000/-. Therefore, investing now will be profitable.

Noc Status

The housing society is also a residential project under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Moreover, they have approval from Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA). So, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad, this residential project also comes under the Previous government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Therefore, the investment here is highly trustworthy and profitable, and the worth will also increase in future. Click here


Bothe   Kingdom Valley and the Prime Valley is the residential project under the previous government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Moreover, the location and payment plans are attractive aspects of investing here. Furthermore, the developers are keen to offer the best lifestyle that includes all the basics, high-end services, and deliverables. Therefore, the future of investment in both real estate projects is bright and profitable. Therefore, investing here now will be beneficial. So, it depends upon the requirement and preferences of the investors where they want a property. Lastly, visit Property Saga’s official website to get the latest updates regarding these residential projects.

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