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If you looking for best classes and lessons for online French learning then you are at perfect place. Elite French Tutoring offers world-class, private French lessons and classes for children, adults, business executives, corporations and NGOs.

We offer private tailored French classes and online immersion French training courses for youngsters, grownups, service executives, corporations and non-governmental company. For clients in New York or Washington, our indigenous French tutors can involve your home, workplace, or various other place for those liking in-person French lessons.

Our Services:

  • Adult French Classes
  • French Lessons for Kids
  • Corporate French Lessons
  • French Classes Brooklyn
  • French Lessons Connecticut


Exclusive, in-person or online adult French classes are developed to assist you attain fluency and also effectiveness in spoken French. Our exclusive intensive French programs focus on discussion, usage as well as understanding of idiomatic expressions, quality of pronunciation, credibility of accent, appropriate grammatic use as well as framework, as well as reviewing comprehension as well as fluency. Our French tutors intend to offer you the devices to speak French fluently and conveniently.

Our Mission:

Our objective is to bring your French to the following level with extensive in-home and/or digital personal French courses that position a costs on client service, expert quality, as well as vibrant in person interaction in between our on the internet French tutors and also customers.


There are many free means online you may use to assist you to learn French, but they do the job finest whenever they’re paired with classes and discussions. Doing work 1-on-one with a native French speaker usually means how to learn french you obtain the prospect to follow Talking with someone that will right your issues and get the job done with you on speaking more obviously and fluently.


If anyone wish to be extra confident in my pronunciation and he/she want to know as much French then try our french tutoring service.

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