FMWhatsapp APK Download Latest V8.20 for android ( FMWA )

Are you want to download fmwhatsapp apk? So you are on the right website. From this web page, you can download FMWhatsApp for android phone.

Whatsapp is a very popular app millions of people use this. But if you want to download Whatsapp mod FM Whatsapp apk, so you can download from given below direct download button.



There are many mod apk of Whatsapp available on the internet. Of which Gbwhatsapp, WhatsApp Plus, OG Whatsapp, and fmwhatsapp, are popular mod apps of Whatsapp.

These mod applications have more features than the Whatsapp Official app, So people also use these apps along with WhatsApp. These mod apps is a great way to use dual WhatsApp on any Android phone compared to using any clone app such as parallel space.


FMwhatsapp is a modded version of Whatsapp; people use this app because of its additional features than the official app.

Fawad Mokkad has developed this app, and after its releasing, this is becoming very popular in India and other countries.

If you are using any mod app of WhatsApp, then you will definitely like this app In this you will be able to use more features than the Whatsapp official app,

But there is a lack in this APK; that is, it does not support a few Samsung phones, however, it is very rare that this does not support any Android phone. You can download it freely. This will support your android phone.

If FM Whatsapp is not compatible with your phone, you can install other Whatsapp Mod applications. Well, I have shared the fmwhatsapp download link below you can download from there.  in this article, I have also share detail about fmwhatsapp features. So, you can also read about its features below.





8.20 version info
Version name 8.20
Apk size 52.11Mb
Compatibility versions Android 4.0 & up
developers Fouad Mokdad.
Downloads 25000,00 +
Last update November 2019
Main task more features than WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most installed apps in smartphones, And this is a trendy app in the whole world.

Many developers have made their mod apps after looking at its popularity.  Fmwhatsapp apk one of them, and this is one of the best mod applications of Whatsapp.

Well, If you are confused about how can you install fmwhatsapp apk, then on this web page, I have shared its download link, and you can also read here, how can you install fmwhatsapp apk on your android phone.





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Features Of Fmwhatsapp

People use Fmwhatsapp apk because of its additional feature than WhatsApp official If you are thinking about its features than I have shared completely below about its feature.

There are so many features in this but I am going to tell about the features in detail which is quite popular, so check down, features of Fmwhatsapp apk.

App Lock Feature:

app lock feature of fmwhatsapp


It’s very boring to use an app lock to protect an app in your phone, Keeping this in mind, the developer has added app lock feature in fmwhatsapp.

You need an app lock in the official app to lock But in fmwhatsapp app you do not need an app lock, This is one of the great features of fmwhatsapp.

Stunning Theme Collection:

themes of fm whatsapp


Yes, this is a great feature of FMWA, if you are bored with its official user interface, you can install any cool theme on fmwhatsapp apk to look different than official apk there is a big collection of the theme than other mods of whatsapp.

Calling features

calling feature of fmwhatsapp


We all know that in the official app we can make video audio calls to anybody, and many times we have too many calls from such unknown numbers, But in fmwhatsapp, we can set do who can call us and who not and we can block the calling features of an unknown number.

This is my favorite feature of fmwhatsapp apk with this feature I can block calling feature of any my friend who disturbing while when I’m doing any important work.

If you want to use this cool feature of this app so download fmwhatsapp apk from the above link.

File sharing feature

file sharing feature of fmwhatsapp

This is a great feature of fmwhatsapp, you can share large files in it You can share files of up to 700mb, In the official application,

we can only share files of 17MB size and share only a few types of files but in this apk, we can share APK, RAR, Pdf, EXE, DOC, format files.

This is a great feature added by the developer of FM Whatsapp, with this feature our many file sharing problems will solve, Whenever we have to share large files or a document,

we send it via email but with this cool feature of fm whatsapp we can send any type file easily and fastly

Privacy settings

Fmwhatsapp privacy setting

In official app, you can hide your last seen and blue tick by making a privacy setting, But there are many changes in this APk privacy setting in fmwhatsapp you can hide

blue tick , second tick ( delivery tick ) recording , typing status, many users use fmwhatsapp because of this awesome privacy setting of this app.

No Root Needed

Many people think that mobile rooting is mandatory to use a modded version of Whatsapp,

But it is not that you need to root to run FMWhatsapp in your phone You can easily run it on root and non-rooted phones.

Group settings

It can not be that you have never create a Whatsapp group, If you are an Administrator of Whatsapp Group, then this feature is helpful for you. with this feature,

you can add friends more than Whatsapp official member limit in group and there are so many more features that you must definitely try once.

Pin Chats

pin-chat of whatsapp fm

In Whatsapp, you have a limit of 3 pins only, but in this apk, you have no limits of chat pins

You can pin as many chats as you want to pin, and this feature is not available on any Whatsapp mod apk

customization feature

This is a cool feature of fmwhatsapp, with the help of this feature you can customize it in your own way. In it, you can change icon and tick icon and can customize this as you want.


What is new in fm whatsapp apk latest version V8.20?

Since the release, the developer has updated fmwhatsapp several times and in every new update, the developer tried to make it better than its old version and fix its bugs, glitches.

So let me tell you what the developer has changed in its latest version V8.20.

  • Bugs fixed
  • Color change feature added
  • Theme store collection increased
  • Chat hide feature
  • Privacy settings changed
  • Second tick ( delivery tick ), bug fixed
  • Apk crashing issue fixed
  • reduced its size

How to Install FM WhatsApp Apk on Android?

It is not available on the Play Store, so many Android users think about how to install fmwhatsapp apk on their mobile phones.

So this is very easy, below I have described full detail installing it on android phone.

step 1 

First,  Download fmwhatsapp apk from above link. the above available the old versions and new version link. Download what you want to install on your phone

step 2

Afer download fmwhatsapp, now go to phone setting and then click on Security and enable the Unknown sources. You can see in the screenshot

fm whatsapp installing process



now, the open folder which contains fmwhatsapp apk file and clicks on And now the right side will keep clicking on the install until the install is gone

download fmwa



Now open Fm whatsapp and enter your phone number and you can run it after verifying number by OTP

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pro tip – if you want to use fmwhatsapp on IOS, window, iPhone, then you can run this with the help of an android emulator, I would suggest you bluestack android emulator for window pc & mac.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Is it mandatory to root android phone to use FMWhatsApp?

Answer: you don’t need to root to run FM Whatsapp on your phone. You can easily run it in root and unrooted phones.

Q2) Can I Download status?

Answer: yes, you can download status.

Q3) Is FM WhatsApp Harmful App?

Answer: No, FMWhatsapp is not a virus and is a completely secure app.

Q4) Can I use fmwhatsapp along with the official app?

Answer: Yes, People usually use it to run two Whatsapp on the phone. So you can also use fm Whatsapp app along with Whatsapp official.

Q5) From where I can download FM Whatsapp?

Answer: Fmwhatsapp is a customized third-party unofficial app of Whatsapp. So, this app is not available on the play store, but we can download it from any third party website. Well, here i have also shared its download link.

Q6) What is the difference between WhatsApp and FM Whatsapp?

Answer: As we know, Whatsapp is the world’s best messenger and very trendy in the whole world, which is available for all platforms. However, there are several versions available for Android, of which one is the official app of WhatsApp, the rest is the unofficial app of WhatsApp. By the way, WhatsApp is an official version of WhatsApp, and fmwhatsapp is an unofficial version of WhatsApp, the difference of both are in features they contain. The WhatsApp official version has limited features, whereas FmwhatsApp has more features than WhatsApp.

wrapping up

On this web page, I have shared fmwhatsapp apk file, and also shared full detail about this apk.

If you have had any problem in installing this app, comment below We will be happy to help you, don’t forget to share this article with your social friends and comment down which WhatsApp mod apk, you like most.


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