Five tips for dog training

Your dog can only learn what you teach him. It’s as simple as that – and yet so hard. Your preparation, your knowledge, and your mood influence whether your dog learns well and above all likes to learn.deer head chihuahua terrier mix here are 5 tips that will make learning easier for your dog.

You need to know what you want

Prepare the learning unit well by considering beforehand what the goal should be and how you want to get there. Don’t say “I want to continue working on the leash today”, but define as precisely as possible what the result and the path should look like: “I want Sammy to walk on the loosely sagging leash to the baker and back next to me today. We can do this by “.

Make it short

Motivation is absolutely necessary for learning to be successful. But especially when something is going particularly well, we quickly become overly motivated. And then we tend to overdo it: Again and again we ask for the exercise – and do not even notice that the dog has long since lost the joy of work. Keep your practice sessions short. Many short successful units are better than one that takes too long and frustrates.

Cancel in case of frustration

Are you in a good mood, looking forward to the learning unit and have the time to do so? Great! But if you are under stress yourself, this is a very bad prerequisite. Then it’s better to skip the training session today. Even if you notice in the course of the exercise that you are tense, for example because something does not work, you are under pressure to succeed in front of others and the famous “demonstration effect” destroys everything, it is better to break off. Take a short break to become calm and serene, and then move on. If that doesn’t work, leave it whole for this time. The next day it can continue to motivate me.

Pay attention to your dog’s abilities

Dogs like to learn because they are curious and love interacting with us humans. However, in order for them to successfully learn new things, you need to adapt the training session to your pet’s physical and mental abilities:

Your dog must be in good health: For example, if your types of terrier dog has an ear infection, then he may of course move and play, but you should not require difficult exercises from him.

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