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If you have back pain, you’ll want to read my Explore My Back Pain Coach reviews. You’ll learn about the program’s 60-day money-back guarantee and exercises that prepare the core of your unbalanced back muscles. I also provide a personal coaching session to help you understand the program. I also give an honest assessment of the Author’s credibility. I hope these reviews will help you choose the right back pain treatment program for your needs.

Exercises to prepare the core of unbalanced back muscles:

For the most part, exercising your back will focus on strengthening and balancing your dominant and weaker muscles. To correct the imbalance, you can perform exercises such as wide grip pull ups, side to side pull ups, chin ups, inverted row pull ups, supermans, and more. These exercises are also ideal for developing overall core strength and flexibility. Here are 7 Bodyweight Back Exercises for Unbalanced Back Muscles Shipping Box.

60 day money-back guarantee:

This online digital back pain program is a comprehensive, complete solution to the problem of back pain. The program is specifically designed to target back pain problems from the core and hips, as well as the spine. The program is suitable for people of all ages, so you can find it suitable for you. The program is supported by a 60-day money-back guarantee. It also comes with bonus materials that you can use to supplement the program.


If you’re tired of your back pain, you’ve probably considered using My Back Pain Coach. The product is backed by hard science, hundreds of testimonials, and a full money-back guarantee. So, how effective is My Back Pain Coach? Continue reading to learn how you can benefit from this product. And don’t forget to check out its bonus material as well. It’s worth every penny! But before you decide to spend your hard-earned money, consider the following information:


If you’re looking for an easy way to get rid of back pain, the My Back Pain Coach program is perfect for you. It features videos and a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to use physical movements to relieve your back pain. You don’t need any prior experience or any special equipment to follow the steps. You can also get one-on-one help with the program, and Ian Hart guarantees unlimited email and phone support.


The price of Explore My Back Pain Coach is around 37 dollars. There are no hidden charges or recurring monthly payments. You can access all the videos and other materials immediately, even if you’re not a member of the website. However, you must know that Ian Hart may offer upsells to increase his income. While the creator of the program is not trying to make money off of you, he knows that things do happen in life. For more informative product reviews, visit our website Reviews Society

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