Expatriates Jeddah jobs

Finding a job in Jeddah is not easy: every year the government introduces a narrow number of vacancies that must be open to foreigners. It is especially difficult for female representatives to find a job. The chances of finding a job in health care (gynecologist or dermatologist) and education are slim. The work in the Kingdom for specialists is related to the oil sector. Also, with sufficient experience and qualifications, you can count on work in the field of tourism, construction and IT technologies.

Jeddah has changed significantly over the past decade, both economically and socially. For example, since 2015, local expatriates Jeddah jobs have received the right to participate in municipal elections, and employment opportunities for the fair sex have also been significantly expanded. However, work in Saudi Arabia for girls, moreover from abroad, is very limited. There are small chances of finding a job in health care or education.

Up to 90% of local residents are Arabs, the rest are mainly from Asia and Africa. The official religion is Islam. The country has strict laws and special traditions that must be known and taken into account by labor migrants even before moving to Saudi Arabia. The labor legislation of Saudi Arabia is designed to maximize the provision of jobs for the country’s citizens, especially young people. It is very difficult for foreigners to break into the labor market of this Arab state. Every year, the authorities set special quotas for the number of foreign workers, and if these conditions are not met, companies face heavy fines. In the field of unskilled labor, the main competition is made by the inhabitants of Southeast Asia, many of them arrive in the country illegally, which is strongly discouraged. Also, according to some estimates, more than 125 thousand specialists from Western countries work in Saudi Arabia.
The average salary for a worker in Saudi Arabia is $ 3,000. Foreigners earn much less. Average income of foreign citizens by profession:

  • waiter – $ 600;
  • farm manager – $ 800;
  • guide – $ 1200;
  • builder – $ 3000;
  • IT specialist – $ 5,000;
  • oil production workers – up to $ 6,000.

Working in Saudi Arabia implies a division of vacancies into “female” and “male”. As you know, a woman in this country does not have the same rights as in Russia, and therefore the list of possible places of employment is limited. Despite the fact that the state is open to foreign workers, at the same time, the authorities set a strict number of quotas. It is possible to find a job exclusively legally, moving is possible only if there is a contract with prescribed working conditions: salary, schedule, the possibility of providing housing, social package, etc. In addition, an employed immigrant has the right to leave the country only with the written permission of the employer.
In order to apply for a work visa, you must contact the Saudi Arabian Embassy in your home country. Before submitting a package of documents, you must undergo a medical examination for the absence of the following diseases:

  • HIV;
  • hepatitis type A, B and C;
  • tuberculosis; meningitis;
  • STDs, including syphilis;
  • encephalitis.

The employer must pay for the visa, work permit and additional documents. The term of the visa is also regulated by the employer. However, the immigrant is engaged in the registration of a labor permit independently after crossing the border. It is noteworthy that for citizens of the Russian Federation, work is a real way to subsequently obtain a Saudi Arabian passport

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