Exam Day tips for UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination

What you’ve studied during your preparation days becomes secondary on the exam day, and your performance becomes primary. The majority of the candidates aren’t good performers. They prepare so hard for the examination but fail to prepare for the exam day anxiety, nervousness, and unexpected surprises. This nervousness and anxiety deeply affect a candidate’s performance.

But, if you spend a little time and give a thought to a few basic exam parameters, you can be relieved of that exam day anxiety and tension. Therefore, if you are a UPPSC Staff Nurse Aspirant, this article is for you. It will teach you to handle the exam day pressure and prepare you to perform to your full potential even in that tense environment of the UPPSC Nurse Examination.

How to Win the UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination Day? Top Tips Ahead

  • Be placid: The most important exam day tip for the UPPSC Nurse Examination is to be placid. You should not get easily excited or upset in the examination. Be it easy or hard paper- you should be unmoved by it. Whatever may be the level of the paper; all you need is to give your best and leave the rest.
  • Stick to Your Exam Strategy: You must have devised your attempting strategy as soon as UPPSC Staff Nurse Admit Card would have been out. But, many candidates change their exam strategy at the last moment in the examination hall. You should never change your attempt strategy in the examination as it can greatly impact your performance and confidence.
  • Train Your Brain for Unexpected Surprise: Just 5 minutes before your examination, speak to your brain that you are ready for any surprises. Many times, the level of the examination is relatively hard from the previous year, and due to this sudden shock, many candidates get tense in the examination and perform poorly. But, if you are already prepared for any such situation, and are expecting that you might have to face a difficult paper, then you are bound to perform much better than other candidates.
  • Ignore the Fuzz of Expected Cutoffs: Never ever attempt your paper on the basis of the expected Cutoff. Before the examination, try to avoid any expected Cutoffs Video, as they can make you predetermine your attempts. It is deadly to go into the examination hall with a predetermined number of attempts. This strategy can fail badly and end up making you commit blunders.
  • Solve Every Question on the Merit: In your UPPSC Nurse Examination, you need to solve every question on its merit. No matter how easy or hard a question may seem, you should solve it from an unbiased perspective. Often the easiest seeming questions are the trickiest, and the hard seeming questions, easy.
  • Avoid Complex Questions in the First Attempt: In the examination hall, you need to settle your nerves and gain your confidence. Hence, be smart and only attempt the easy and moderate questions in the first attempt. Once you have attempted these questions, you will gain ample confidence to tackle hard or complex questions. Hence, attempt your questions smartly in your UP Nurse Examination.
  • Use Elimination Methods: A great way to boost your score in the examination hall is to use the Elimination method. There are certain questions in the UPPSC Nurse Examination that can be solved through the Elimination method. If you smartly eliminate options, you can reach the final answer even without actually knowing the answer.
  • Go for the 50-50 Questions: If you have attempted all the questions, and have ample time in your UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination- go for the 50-50 questions. Often in the examination, we encounter questions where we are confused between two options. It is wise to attempt such questions as you have a 50% probability of answering them right.

Win the Exam day to win the competition. Smartness doesn’t lie in just studying hard but in your smart approach toward your exam. Hence, use these smart tips and tricks to ace your UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination.

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