EU Nationals and the UK Visitor Visa

It has been a while since Britain moved out of the European Union(EU). Ever since then the fate of EU nationals has been discussed so as to what happens to their immigration status now. Earlier as a part of European union trade, there was a free movement of British residents and European nationals. Brexit has disrupted the transportation of the counties and that is where exactly the concern for UK visitor visas comes. 

Yes, the EU nationals are now non-visa citizens. This means that they won’t need a visa for the UK but definitely need entry clearance at the UK border.

This is a very strict immigration condition that they are bound to fulfil for entry clearance.

What kind of visitors are mentioned in the visit visa rules?

There are four major types of visas that are available as per the visit visa rules,

  1. Standard UK visitor visa: under this visa, the visitor can visit the UK for upto 6 months and can pursue a short study course, meet relatives, get check up done or donate an organ. 
  2. Permitted paid engagements:  under this visa, the visitor can visit to the Uk on a specific permitted engagement. The duration of this visa is less than one month.
  3. Marriage or spouse visa:  As per the direction given by the Home Office, after 01 July 2021 EU nationals going to the UK to marry will currently have to enter seeking a permission to marry. The Immigration rules set the prerequisites for such visas compactly, the candidate should be 18 years of age  or over on the date of application. 

Except if the candidate is a “relevant national” as characterized in the Immigration Act 2014, they should, inside the period for which they are looking for authorization as a visitor,

  •  mean to pull out of marriage or civil partnership in the UK; or 
  • mean to wed or frame a civil partnership in the UK which is certainly not a hoax marriage or common organization.

What proof is needed?

Each visit at the entry point must prove that they are a genuine visitor. A genuine visitor is a one who will exit the UK once the purpose of the visit has been achieved and secondly, the person will not unnecessarily stay for a long period of time even after their visa has expired. 

On the off chance that there have been continuous visits to the UK, an EU visitor ought to know that thought will be given to their migration history in choosing whether they are, truth be told, a veritable visitor in case they are addressed by an Immigration Official at the line.

Visitors ought to likewise take note of the suitability prerequisites which apply to all participants to the UK, which are set out exhaustively in the Immigration Rules.These necessities, managing matters like past criminal and migration offenses, are undeniably more tough than those beforehand overseeing EU nationals before the end  of the free movement.

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