Dry Cleaning At Home

One of the most common things that you will notice in the garments in a store is the wash instructions inscribed on their labels. The wash care tips are given in the garment so that the buyer follows it and maintains the longevity of the garment. If you want to preserve the original look for your delicate and favourite outfit, then ensure that washing instructions are followed. Fabrics like silk and wool are delicate and are easy to damage with harsh washing techniques. But you can give a renewed look to your piece of delicate outfit with simple tips of dry cleaning at home.

It is easy to give in to the lure of the washing machine to wash the garments. But not all clothes are suitable to be washed in the washing machine Leafy Luxury Green Pure Cotton King Size Bedsheet.Especially the delicate outfits because harsh twists and turns in the washing machine clubbed with spinning and drying can damage your favourite outfit to another level. And you will never want your favourite garment to meet such a fate.

Running to the dry cleaner often to get the garments dry cleaned can be a tedious, expensive, and time-consuming affair. Believe me, some buyers crush their desire of owning a delicate piece of fabric due to the dry cleaning horrors. But dry cleaning can be simply done at home too. So, no need to rush to the dry cleaners often or stop yourself from buying delicate clothing. Wear what your heart desires. Simply follow the easy tricks to dry clean at home and buy with a stress-free mind.

A word of caution: Before plunging deep into the article, let me caution you with simple advice. The tricks are meant for the clothes with a label saying, “dry clean” but please do not engage the tips for clothes mentioning “dry clean only” in the wash instruction label. The pieces that mention “dry clean only” should be taken to the professional.

Do a spot test on the garment to see if the colour bleeds. Take a cotton swab and spray little water on the part of the garment that is rarely seen. Now take the cotton swab to run on the wet area of the garment. If the cotton swab shows colour on it, then be assured that the garment will bleed colour and is not fit to be dry cleaned at home. Take such a piece of fabric to the professional dry cleaner.

How to wash garments with “dry clean” instructions?

  • But if you do intend to wash the “dry clean only” clothes at home, then the best trick is to hand wash such items. These can even include your linens like delicate bed covers, cushions and pillow covers.
    • Do not soak such items in detergent for long. Also, do not scrub such linens.
    • Only use your hand and fingers to remove the stain in the garment. Just dip in cold water with mild liquid detergent and rinse it with cold water.
    • Lay the garment on a towel and roll it inside. Squeeze the extra water from the garment. Allow the garment or home linens to air-dry. This will ensure that the fabric quality is maintained.
  • If you still want to machine wash such a garment, then opt for the gentle washing cycle and skip the spin and dryer option completely. Air-dry the cloth by laying it flat on the clean floor.

Dry cleaning fabrics like cotton, spandex, nylon, and polyester at home with the hand:

  • Although hand-washing is meant for mostly silk and woollen fabrics, you can adopt such a method for cotton, nylon, spandex, and polyester too. As such fabrics can have colours that are susceptible to bleeding, it is better to individually wash each item by hand.
  • If your clothing has embellishments, then hand washing is the most recommended option if you want to dry clean the cloth at home. However, you may choose to treat the cloth to the professional dry cleaning service provider as well.

Dry cleaning clothes in a washing machine:

  • You can take a mesh cover and put your delicate cloth in it.
  • Set your machine at the “gentle” wash program.
  • Allow the mesh cover with the delicate cloth to run in the machine in cold water.
  • Do not program the machine for the “spin” and “dry” options. The dry option will expose the delicate cloth to heat that can damage it.
  • Do not mix delicate clothes with your daily-use items. Separate wash cycles are required and hence it is better to wash such items separately.
  • Air-drying the clothing is the best tip and service that you can provide to your delicate garment.

These are some of the best tricks that will save your run to the professional dry cleaner and give the perfect results at home. Yes, but if your garment does require the support of professional dry cleaning, then avoid dry cleaning at home.

Final thoughts

So, what are your thoughts now about buying a delicate outfit? No confusion will prevail in your mind as it did earlier, right? So, relax and go ahead with the purchase decision.

Employ any of the safest washing techniques mentioned above to get the perfect washing results.

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