Drinking fountain for cats and dogs

Many cats and dog owners will know the well-known problem only too well,or the dog may once again only drink little or maybe even nothing at all. Drinking lazy pets are unfortunately not uncommon, many fur noses drink on average too little water a day and run the risk of dehydration.

Especially in summer temperatures, however, german shepherd jokes drinking is just as important for our pets as it is for us humans. Drinking fountains for cats and dogs can provide the optimal solution for the lazy best friend.

What the cat and dog drinking fountains offer

The innovative Cat and Dog H2O drinking fountains with integrated dental care offer a particularly tempting opportunity for cats and dogs to drink enough. The fresh, rippling water encourages fur noses to absorb more fluids or, in very drastic cases, to drink some water at all.

The drinking fountains are a very exciting alternative and entertaining change to the old, stale water from the usual bowls for dogs and cats. The rippling, clear water is equally interesting for cats and dogs and stimulates the fur noses to drink.

The drinking behavior of cats

Drinking fountains for cats are an increasingly popular product and are a real highlight for many cat lovers, especially on summer days. But even during the colder seasons, the cat drinking fountains are a product that we no longer want to miss.

House tigers often run the risk of taking too little liquid. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, cats are generally regarded as tending to be more lazy animals. In addition, many cat owners have mistakenly assumed for a long time that the fur noses could completely cover the daily necessary water supply via the cat food. As a result, cats are often hardly provided with additional water to drink.

Nowadays, however, such an assumption is proven to be incorrect. Although cats can absorb a large part of their required fluid daily through food, they also need sufficient water so that the normal vital functions always run smoothly. In fact, a cat needs on average around 60 ml of water per kilogram of body weight.

Of course, this information varies depending on what food the animal eats and how actively the house tiger lives. In addition, such values are significantly influenced by the prevailing temperatures and weather conditions. On particularly summery days, as always, it is important to cover an increased fluid requirement.

Why it is important to encourage house tigers to drink

Due to the flowing, clear water of the Cat H2O cat drinking fountains with integrated dental care, cats are encouraged to drink much more than, for example, from the well-known boring cat bowl. Because the house tigers are instinctively attracted to flowing and slightly rippling water. Standing, calm waters, on the other hand, tend to be avoided by cats. This preference for running water has its origin in the evolution of the cat.

The fur noses that ingested rippling, clean water had an evolutionary advantage over those cats that drank stagnant water. Calm waters are usually contaminated with more germs and impurities than, for example, running water. The cats who drank the clean, rippling water were thus at an advantage and survived. This drinking behavior is therefore evolutionary and has been passed on to the present day.

Water also performs many essential functions in the body for velvet paws. Among others, the following:

promotes digestion

regulates body temperature

protects the organs, tissues and joints

breaks down pollutants and transports minerals

hydrates the whole organism

Drinking fountains for cats are therefore a particularly important and useful drinking animation for the fur noses.

Presentation of the Cat H2O and Dog H2O drinking fountains

With the help of the innovative Cat H2O and Dog H2O drinking fountains for cats and dogs with integrated dental care, even extremely lazy pets are encouraged to drink more. The H2O drinking fountains are ideally suited to prevent the named risk of dehydration of cats and dogs. The cat and dog drinking fountains offer a particularly exciting change from the stale water from the drinking bowl and also support the mouth and dental hygiene of cats and dogs.

Advantages of drinking fountains for cats and dogs

The H2O drinking fountains offer all cat and dog owners a wide variety of advantages. Among other things, the following arguments for the drinking fountains stand out particularly convincingly:

different sizes and capacities from two to six litres

integrated dental care for mouth hygiene

the dental care tablet ensures a healthier gums, protects against plaque and tartar and fights the smell of the mouth

a dental care tablet and an activated carbon replacement filter are included

the replacement products and accessories are easy to reorder

the housing is in food grade, made of BPA-free material

very easy cleaning due to dishwasher suitability

particularly quiet operation due to a quiet immersion pump system

the housings are visually chic and modern in design

different variants are available: drinking fountains with power cables for dogs and/or cats as well as mobile, wireless drinking fountains

All these advantages come together with the Cat H2O and Dog H2O drinking fountains and thus form the extremely diverse product character of the drinking fountains for cats and dogs.

Great selection: Different sizes and capacities

Different capacities from two to six liters are offered. In particular, the larger Cat or Dog H2O drinking fountains with four or six liters are ideal for all those mistresses and masters who keep larger cats or dogs and have to be absent longer in hectic everyday life. In general, of course, all of the drinking fountains for cats and dogs offer a constant supply of fresh, delicious water for the four-legged friend.

Due to the different sizes with the different heights, the perfect drinking fountain for every cat and dog breed can be found. Depending on the individual size and water requirements of the four-legged friend, we recommend choosing between the different Cat H2O and Dog H2O drinking fountains with a capacity of two, four or six litres.

Hygienic advantage: Integrated dental care

The H2O cat and dog drinking fountains have a practical integrated dental care function. Regular dental care and oral hygiene are also very important for our dear pets, because good oral and dental health has a positive effect on the entire organism of a four-legged friend.

By hygiene of the oral cavity and teeth, dental diseases of cats and dogs can be counteracted and the included dental care tablets also prevent unpleasant mouth odor. In addition, with the help of the integrated dental care of the H2O drinking fountains, effective protection against the formation of dental plaque and tartar can be ensured during the daily water intake.

Furthermore, even the gum health of cats and dogs can be positively influenced by the dental care function of the drinking fountains. The dental care tablets included in the scope of delivery can be easily integrated into the H2O fountains and are completely odourless and tasteless. Thus, the four-legged friends are neither unsettled by a foreign smell, nor by an unusual taste.

Say goodbye to dirty drinking water: A particularly clean drinking experience

Thanks to an integrated intelligent surface skimmer, the rippling water is always ventilated. Thus, a particularly hygienic, crystal-clear drinking water surface without saliva or mucus can be preserved, whereby the cat or dog always has extremely clean drinking water available.

The integrated activated carbon filter also consistently removes a large number of dirt from the cat and dog drinking wells. The housings of the chic Cat H2O and Dog H2O fountains are made of BPA-free material and therefore without hazardous plasticizers and are made of food quality. The drinking fountains are therefore absolutely harmless to the health of the fur noses.

Practical benefit: Quiet operation and easy cleaning

Due to a particularly quiet diving pumping system, the drinking fountains for cats and dogs are extremely quiet in operation and thus do not represent a noise pollution for you or your four-legged friends. Due to the strikingly quiet operation, the pet can quickly get used to the use of the drinking fountain and does not perceive it as a disturbing factor within the living environment.

The high-quality submersible pump can be easily taken apart for cleaning. The housing of the H2O drinking fountains is dishwasher safe and can therefore be cleaned hygienically clean without much effort. In addition, the dismantling of the drinking fountains can be done wonderfully uncomplicated and completely without tools in a few seconds.

Hint: For the pump, there is sometimes even a functional reliability of up to three years!

Something suitable for everyone: Different variants and shapes

Furthermore, there are different variants of the Cat H2O and Dog H2O drinking fountains. In addition to the drinking fountain especially for cats with a capacity of two liters, there is also a great fountain for dogs with a capacity of six liters. In addition, there is a particularly practical universal drinking fountain, which is ideal for cats and dogs and with a capacity of four liters offers an excellent intermediate size for the four-legged friends.

These dog and cat drinking fountains have an extensive drinking area and are ideal for small, medium-sized but also larger cats and dogs thanks to the intelligent grading and the different drinking water levels. Accordingly, the right drinking fountain is offered for every pet size.

Our highlight: The wireless drinking fountain with battery operation

As a small highlight, we would like to introduce the mobile, wireless drinking fountain especially for dogs. This practical H2O Dog drinking fountain is ideal for indoors and outdoors. Unlike its competitors, the fountain works with battery operation, which means that no power cable and thus no socket is required.

Accordingly, the hydration of your four-legged friend can be ensured with the mobile, wireless drinking fountain anytime and anywhere. The battery-powered model is therefore the perfect option for any outdoor adventure, longer car journeys and trips in general. The wireless fountain is also ideal for a beautiful, long day in the garden.

Last but not least: practicality meets modern design

The H2O dog and cat drinking fountains are all visually strikingly chic and attractively designed. Thanks to the modern, discreet colours, the innovative fountains can be easily integrated into current furnishing styles and simple living trends.

Our conclusion

The Cat H2O and Dog H2O drinking fountains offer cats and dogs a wonderfully practical and stylish way to meet their fluid needs day after day. Cats in particular are at risk of suffering dehydration, as you have learned in this post. However, it is also essential for the dear dogs, especially on warm or very active days, to absorb enough water!

Due to all the named, diverse properties and the numerous advantages that the dog and cat drinking fountains of Cat and Dog H2O bring, we are absolutely convinced of the products and can recommend them to every cat and dog lover.

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