Doctor on my fingertips

Being a flight stewardess is sometimes hard to cope with, especially if you have a health issue that needs follow-up all the time. I have been working in this field for more than 5 years, and since then I couldn’t attend all my follow-up consultations as a diabetic patient.

Every 3 months I have to do new medical tests and then visit the doctor to check with him the result of my test. This is what I am supposed to do, but because of my unstable schedule, sometimes I miss my appointment and I need to postpone everything until I am back from my flight. I tried to organize things in a better way, but it is not working as well.

Last month, I went to visit my doctor at Novomed Dubai and I told him about my condition, my job, and my lifestyle, and he understand my situation. Then he told me that there is a solution that might be useful and can help me to attend all my follow-up appointments anywhere in the world. I didn’t understand at first, how can the doctor do the follow-up if I am not present at his clinic, or even in the country.

He explained to me that telemedicine is the new way of consultation, and it works sometimes for some cases that don’t really require a physical presence at the clinic, such as my case. I was amazed by this new technology and asked him how to apply it in my case. He told me that every time I will be traveling and need to postpone my appointment, I can book an online consultation on the Novomed website, instead of the live consultation. He explained that we can have a video call, a phone call, or even a quick chat.

I liked the idea very much, and decided to try it before traveling to make sure that it really works, the doctor agreed and we scheduled an online consultation for the next week. We had a video chat, where we can see each other clearly, I presented the result of my test and he checked them, assessed them, and prescribed me the needed medication with the necessary instructions.

It was very easy, and since then, every time I have a flight, I book my online consultation and call the doctor from any country.


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