Discussing Hemp Oil For Dogs

When we talk about Hemp oil, also known by the name of hemp seed oil, we are essentially referring to extraction from the Cannabis Sativa plant – yes the same one that recreational marijuana users enjoy which gives them that high feeling because of the THC content. 

Unlike marijuana, hemp does not contain THC but rather the more sought-after plant compound CBD (Cannabidiol – read an article on it here https://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/22546/20190610/the-ins-and-outs-of-cbd.htm and learn more about it is becoming a firm favorite with pet owners around the world.)

Science and primitive nature have made significant discoveries in the world of natural plant ingredients for use in medical and mental aids and are shown to be beneficial for both human and animal species. Let’s delve deeper to see how we could be changing the quality of our pup’s life for the better.

In a nutshell. 

Like with all new products or ingredients there can be a whole host of information, some accurate others not as much, and this is why before jumping in with both feet you need to do your research. Be sure that the company you are considering purchasing products from is a reliable and reputable one and that they do thorough testing with publically available records and results. 

Hemp oil can be found in a large variety of products from baked goods, ready-to-go meals, and even animal-friendly snacks to simply pop into your bag as you head to the park for your daily walk. But the issue is in the fine print and more often than not we take for granted the fact that companies are in business to make money and may not always have our best interest in mind. 

Reading product labels for the ingredients list will help you determine which are better and which to avoid, however, CBD is only considered legal by the federal government if derived from hemp, and contains a percentage of less than 0.3 of THC.  

You would not want to give your dog a CBD-infused meal that has a higher THC content than is safe or advised about, the severity of the negatives may well outweigh any positives you hope to achieve. 

Dog safety.

The appeal factor of Cannabidiol is its versatility working for all ages, species, and demographics and is easily managed and maintained. There was a study that showed that dogs who had diets implemented with CBD, versus those that didn’t, showed an overall improved mood and morale, had thicker, fuller fur and coats, and fewer health issues as they age.

CBD has aided many canines in their anxiety and stress which is common during fireworks events or loud celebrations, allowing them to almost become accustomed to the noise leading up to the date. Then on the day they take it like every other day, self-manage their feelings with positive cuddles and reinforcement from their loved ones and family, and in many cases enjoy the festivities by your side to a small degree. Win-win.

The genetic make-up of this humble plant compound is similar in a lot of ways to the receptors found in the dog’s endocannabinoid system in the body thus making it quicker to absorb and get to work. So if you have tried everything else and still not getting the health results you want, then hemp oil for dogs could be the solution to your prayers.

We have all tried many methods across the board, some work and some not as much, and if the success stories that pour in daily are anything to judge this ingredient by then you are one step closer to a puppy diet that is free from the generic supermarket food filled with preservatives and flavorings.  


Now that you have added hemp oil into your dog’s dinner meals and have noticed subtle changes as the weeks roll on (some owner’s say they see changes within as quick as 2 weeks but every animal is different and reacts at its own pace) this doesn’t mean you need to just sit back and hope that CBD will take on the responsibility. 

Regular vet visits should remain an integral part of the routine, chat to your vet and let them know you are using CBD for your furball if they haven’t commented on the improvement of their skin or joints before then.

It is a great feeling seeing your furry family run around the garden with the kids when it could usually only manage a few minutes at a time having to stop due to stiff joints or muscle pain. Large corporations are taking notice (an interesting read in this link), investing, and essentially reconsidering man-made chemically-infused options when it comes to caring for their dog.

Hemp reduces the inflammation and build-up we see in muscles as age catches up and thus takes away the pain associated with it, no one deserves to live a pain-riddle life, you’ll feel better and your pup will thank you for it – be ready for endless cuddles, kisses, and wrestling sessions on the floor.

Life can be good.

Being healthy has been a priority for man and his pet for years, looking for new, healthier ingredients, innovative training methods or techniques for physical workouts, and if hemp and CBD can help then what have you got to lose? A humble plant, grown in nature, offering the world of health advantages we have only scratched the surface of in discovery.

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