Digital Marketing Companies Make Big Growth With Pandemic

The pandemic has had so many impacts on the lives of people and companies that it is difficult to measure.


These impacts were both in terms of costs and changes in behavior, operations and business models, as is the example of the website


In this scenario, Digital Marketing companies certainly showed great growth during the pandemic, as a matter of survival in the face of social distancing.


The demand for Digital Marketing services grew both to start and to reinforce the presence of companies on the Internet.


The digital medium has become an alternative for consumers, even those who, before the pandemic, were more resistant to digital media and who, during isolation, had no option.


On the other hand, companies needed to adapt and reach their audience even though they were physically distant from it.


According to an article published on the CBN portal in PE, the need for entrepreneurs to invest in the digital environment has grown.


The consequence of this was the opportunity to increase revenue during a time of instability.


In addition, the article revealed that, according to a survey conducted by Money Times, in 2020 there was the biggest increase in internet trading in the last 20 years, with about 47% growth.

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Comparing this result with the first half of 2019, there was a 39% increase in e-commerce.


But why invest in Digital Marketing even after the pandemic?


The pandemic brought a change and consumer behavior that is here to stay.


The Internet is a valuable tool for bringing the company closer to its audience, which uses search engines like Google to look for what they want.


For this reason, having an e-commerce for example, is a necessity if you want to leverage your sales on the Internet.


E-commerce has several features that allow you to manage sales in an efficient and modern way.


In addition, the presence on the Internet adds value to the brand, and generates credibility, as the customer will have greater visibility about what the company offers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through a website or e-commerce.


In this context, Digital Marketing must be part of the basic growth strategy of any business, regardless of size.


Now, after the improvement of the pandemic, if, on the one hand, the most suspicious consumers got used to using digital media, companies realized that Digital Marketing is not only a means of survival, but also of boosting the business.


Each company has its own needs, but all, without exception, need to invest in building a digital presence.




If you still don’t invest in Digital Marketing, it’s time for your company to be part of this growth.


Now that the pandemic is under more control, and online consumption habits have been consolidated, the growth of Digital Marketing will grow and companies that do not invest will lose market share.


Start investing in digital channels and content, adopting Inbound Marketing strategies so that your audience can find your company on the Internet.


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