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Digital Marketing: Boon for recruiters

There used to be a time where newspapers included separate pages of advertisement for recruitment and matrimonial on daily basis. Then eventually there came a time where world witnessed the shift of these advertisements to the front page of newspapers owing to abnormalities that process of  evolution has set a  precedent to.  In today’s time any person looking for job can refer to a lot of platforms or websites or apps to find a vacancy that suits his/her skill set and interests. The coming up of these platforms owe their existence to a successful digital marketing strategy that ensured hassle free process of recruitments. 

In the midst of focusing on the ease of application for applicants there should be focus on the effective screening of applicants by the recruiters as well. Basically, a well defined digital marketing strategy for recruitment process can be beneficial for both parties.  

From the perspective of recruiters digital marketing is boon as 

  • It enables to understand their candidates better:  There are many recruiters who take special notice of the source from which their prospective employees can come up. It is the use of tools of like Google Analytics which helps them to filter the quality of candidates in their initial screening process itself. The other advantage of Google analytics is to understand the effectiveness of their ad campaigns in the sense they can understand the percentage of organic traffic that comes to their websites. 
  • It helps them to track URL source of talent:  Whenever a firm post a job or ad for vacancy there is a URL attached to it so that one can easily monitor the performance of campaign. It is through this tracking that firms can infer the top source of traffic and discontinue the ineffective URLs. 
  • It allows the firms to leverage programmatic job ads with pay per click campaigns to save money: Pay per Click advertising is a new technology that uses real time software and application conversion data to control job campaigns. 
  • It helps to create the ambience of interest: In a company that wishes to hire employees there is a constant effort to present their work place as supportive to their employees. The efforts which businesses put in allow the firms to present a rosy picture of their working to attract top quality talent towards their business. There are many tools like a responsive website, well developed customer interaction strategy, blogs and information seminars to build a positive image in public eyes. 


  • It enables the firms to understand the extent of talent pool needed to be screened from for final hiring: In case the aim of the firm is to hire talent than mere awareness will not be enough to fetch the desired results. In a funnel the top layer is pertaining to brand awareness and it includes all those prospective candidates in the market. Eventually there are rounds of cold calling, direct responses, assessments, interviews, offers and hiring at the end. 

Overall the article tries to highlight the ways in which digital marketing has helped recruiters in the market economy. 

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