Different ways to improve IT security

Covid -19 has affected many businesses. In which some of the companies got profit, and some faced downsizing. The same goes for IT structures, as many people started to work from home. Businesses find it hard to maintain their secure IT system. Many companies and organizations faced cyberattacks, and their data was breached.

To overcome this, many organizations started to use security monitoring tools, and some of them hired external IT management systems.

Cyber-attacks are increasing day by day. We Netlogix provide different guidelines to secure your system on your own. We are the best IT services company Dubai, as we offer a complete IT management service system.

Following are some protective ways which will improve your IT security.

●     MFA and Passwords

Using a complex password is another way to make your system more secure and reliable. We recommend you have a complicated password and change it frequently after some months.

Indeed, employees can remember it, but using a password manager is another tool. Always use different passwords for different accounts. Using the same password for all of your accounts exposes getting hacked.

MFA  (multi-factor authentication) is a verification process requiring different passwords and verifications made using various modes. For example, you log in with your password, it generates a code sent to your mobile account or on your email. It is then verified to check whether the person’s login in the account is correct or not. Multi-factor authentication is the most popular fail-safe system nowadays.

●     Frequent updates

Updating your software and system regularly minimizes the risk of a security breach. Restoring it at the right time makes it more protective. Many system updates fix security exposures that hackers have already identified.

Companies that cannot install these updates end up having cyberattacks, which affects their business drastically.

Today many employees are working from home using their devices. Using personal devices increases the chances of security threats and the vulnerability of personal details. Every employee should have regular updates as they are connected to the organization’s network.

●     Data backup

Data backup is essential to any organization. It not only secures your data but it helps you to get prepared for any cyberattack hit. Having proper data backup will help you to have a quick data restoration. Through this, your data will be less damaged and have minimum effect on business. We net logix provide complete data securing the facility. Our professionals are known as the best IT solutions Dubai. We assure you to have data restored without any delay.

●     Antivirus

Installing an antivirus will help you to minimize phishing emails that you get in your inbox. Phishing emails include those emails which urge some actions, including entering your password or credit card details. At the same time, anti-malware tools reduce specific files from phishing emails.

It gives complete protection and a secure system when employees use the internet, whether they are working from home or office. If you face any cyber issues, we are here for you, offering you secure networking solutions. There are different price-ranging options for anit virus and malware. You can have that antivirus system that suits your organization more.

●     Staff awareness training

As discussed above, phishing emails are a significant security risk to your organization. Suppose your employees cannot identify phishing emails, then it is not possible to secure your business from cyber-attacks. The same goes for data loss or internal errors, which are caused due to employees’ less understanding of the IT networking system.

Netlogix provides secure and reliable VoIP Telephony service to our customers. We are offering you everything that you need for a productive day. Here you can stay connected with each other through calls and video conferences. It is reliable for both office and home use.

Technology solutions cannot resolve these problems. Yet you need to have regular employees awareness training to guide them on the best ways to secure an IT system.

You should train your employees while hiring them. It will help them to understand the better ways.

●     View policies and procedures

Policies and procedures make your security system more assertive and less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Improving policies and processes regularly makes a protective system. It is becoming more critical as many of our employees work from home.

  • Stay active

Day by day, cybercrime is increasing. And they are proactive in using different methods in this field. Even though many of us are handling our IT departments well, other IT systems are getting advanced as technology increases. It is best to be informed of the latest IT security trends. Cybercrime is alarming in every industry, and you cannot take the IT system easy. Every business needs to take their IT networking systems actively.

By looking at the factors mentioned above, you can improve your IT system. Netlogix provides secure and safe solutions to every IT problem.


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