Different Types of Recruitment Agencies

In today’s very competitive job market, it may be necessary for you to engage the assistance of a recruitment agency to assist you in finding your next job. There are many different sorts of recruitment agencies in Romania that assist job searchers in obtaining work opportunities. So, let’s have a look at them. 

Recruitment Agency in the traditional sense

A typical recruitment agency supports job searchers in locating recruitment as well as businesses in filling open positions with qualified candidates. Despite the fact that it is becoming rarer, some companies charge job seekers for their services. It’s important to understand whether or not there will be a price associated before signing any contracts with them.

Other conventional recruitment agencies are compensated by the company. The majority of job search companies are focused on a certain sector, such as sales and marketing, accounting, human resources management, legal, sports, or information technology. 

In the vast majority of circumstances, we would not advocate working with a staffing service that costs the job seeker. Given the large number of agencies that are hired by businesses to identify a competent pool of job candidates, the vast majority of individuals would be better served by submitting their resumes to these agencies for review, which they may do for free.

Recruitment Agency on a contingency basis

A contingent fee is paid to a contingent fee agency when the applicant is hired by the company. Some contingency agencies impose a cost to the applicant, and you should make sure that you understand who is responsible for paying the price before signing up with one. They are most often employed for low and mid-level searches, and they frequently send a huge number of resumes to the prospective employer in a short period of time.

Search Firm on a Retained Basis and Executive Search Firm

In the case of a retained search business, the employer is the only one who has a connection with them. In most cases, search companies are contracted for executive and senior-level searches, and for a certain length of time in order to identify a qualified candidate to fill a vacant position. 

These organizations specialize in identifying and contacting the most qualified individuals for a certain position. They will even approach executives who are not actively seeking a new position to see if they can persuade them to leave their present workplace. 

Headhunters are employed by retained search agencies, which are compensated for their expenditures as well as a share of the employee’s income, regardless of whether or not the applicant is recruited.

Temporary Staffing Agency

Staffing firms that recruit individuals to fill temporary positions are referred to as temporary agencies. For example, temporary employees are often employed to work during periods of increased company activity, such as tax season, harvest seasons, or to replace vacations or sickness of permanent employees. Professional consultants are often placed in short-term projects by temporary staffing companies.

Many temporary recruitment agencies have expanded their role in the recruitment sector to fill “temp to perm” positions, which are positions that begin as temporary positions but have the potential to become permanent if the employer decides to hire the candidate after the initial period of recruitment.

They may also provide additional perks such as health insurance, childcare allowances, or vacation money to their employees. If temporary recruitment transforms into a permanent one, the staffing agency’s connection with the client terminates, and the staffing agency is paid directly by their new client.

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