Did a Blue Whale Get Bitten In Half? 

Was a blue whale bitten in half? What bit it? Are the rumours even true? What’s going to happen to the Blue whales? Are they endangered? These are some of the questions people who have heard about the blue whale that was bitten in half ask. In order to answer the questions, we have to first look at what really happened to the whale. To find out continue reading.

In 2021, a blue whale (the biggest animal known to mankind) washed ashore and appeared bitten in half, in South Africa. The video quickly spread like wildfire on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. The video brought up a lot of questions and people are looking to scientists for answers. If you have heard the story in the past or you just reading it now for the first time; whatever the case, it’s likely you also have questions as well.

Is the story true? (Did a blue whale really get bit in half?)

Yes, the story is true. A blue whale was found bitten in half. However, there isn’t a conclusive answer yet as specialists are still searching for the reason behind the whale getting bit in half. One hypothesis suggests that the whale must have been bitten by a white shark based on previous events that have happened.

Prior to the time of the viral post about the blue whale that was bitten in half on social media platforms, a father and son reported that they spotted the appearance of the White Shark in Maui. The father and son were on their kayak (a type of boat) when a creature attacks them and left some marks on their kayak.

Even though, the father and son incident points out that a White Shark might be responsible for biting the Blue Whale in half; since there hasn’t been any confirmation from any authentic media platform, it still remains a speculation.

Another hypothesis suggests the blue whale must have died a natural death or from a collision with a boat. The last theory suggests that the blue whale must have been attacked by other whales.

Our verdict

Researchers investigating the incident used a drone to capture the blue whale that was found off the coast of South Africa. From the footage they obtained, they observed that the blue whale was attacked by a white shark—the shark bit its tail and dragged down on its head until it drowned, killing the whale.

A similar incident occurred several years ago when a white shark attacked a blue whale; however, in that incident, the whale was somehow able to survive the fight even though the attack looked really serious.

To crown it all, the most feasible answer is that the whale must have been attacked by a white whale. But since there hasn’t been any conclusive answer, we can’t place our fingers on it. What are your thoughts? Do you think a white shark did it or something else?

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