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The affordable store serving the Crossdresser and male to female transgender community .Shop for professional cross dressing supplies, including clothing, silicone breast firms, hip pads, shoes, drag queen wigs , lingerie, and more! Plus you’ll find many Dress tech exclusives, including our famous silicone female bodysuit and Proform breast forms. Check back often for new products and cross dressing supplies. The Dress Tech crossdresser store has supported the transgender, drag , and cross dressing communities since 2015.

Crossdressing bodysuit: –

Crossdressing is the act of wearing items of clothing not commonly associated with one’s sex. Crossdressing has been used for purpose of disguise, comfort,  comedy and self -expression in modern times and through our history. Crossdressing bodysuit is the wearing of clothes traditionally worn by members of the other sex. It is a practice documented for centuries, and often linked stereotypically with perversion, fetishism, exhibitionism, sexual deviation, and homosexuality. 

Silicone Full Bodysuit: –

These silicone full body suit are easy to wear and take off. Silicone full bodysuit easy to use and it is soft breathable and not easy to deform. Find wholesale silicone full body suit for naturally looking breasts in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Browse : for affordable products. 

Realistic Full Bodysuit:-

It is soft and highly elastic, with realistic touch , portable version of male muscle. No reflection, no oil , not fading, non toxic. The green silicone has an oil in it that ensures it won’t pull any of the actors ‘ hairs out of their bodies. The two silicones adhere to each other and are then wrapped in a temporary plaster jacket to hold them together , which will eventually be replaced by a fiberglass shell. 

Tips to follow the use of bodysuit:-

☛ Bodysuits can be worn alone as a fashion statement, or simply as a layering piece. You can style your bodysuit with jeans , skirts ,shirts, and work pants, basically any bottom to create outfits  for different occasions. 

☛ Tight and stretchy like pantyhose. Fit closely to your skin. They will shape your body for a sexy female form. Light and comfortable. There is no urination pouch kit penetrable vaginal tube implanted in it. Crossdressing bodysuit is used by heterosexual and married men simply enjoy the practice. 

☛ Fat suit is a commonly used for prosthetic in movies. Realistic full bodysuit give the actor heavy look. Usually it is used at the top  of the prosthetic make-up.  That helps the actor in their needed particular one.

☛  Silicone Full Bodysuit with muscles may be the key for men who can’t lose their pandemic pounds. Remove all Sharp and pointy things like rings , watches etc.

Lubricate the inside of the bodysuit with oil and spread the oil. Never use baby oil or it damage your latex clothes. Use extra oil for legs arms and hips.

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