Creative Ways to Show Off Prints & Posters When Wall Space is Limited

The average homes and apartments are shrinking in size, which means many people are finding less and less space to display the beautiful things they’ve collected throughout the years.

Movie posters, prints, photos, and art are things that make our homes brighter and feel like an extension of ourselves: so why should we have to pick which items get hung up and which stay in storage forever?

These are some of the other options for how you can display all of your pieces!

Create Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a hot topic many are talking about completing for their homes. These walls are filled to the brim with photos, prints, and posters until there’s hardly any wall space behind them.

Although this can work well for those with a color-coordinated poster collection, to many it can come off as looking cluttered and thoughtless and makes the wall a hazard if it’s one that anyone has to walk by in a hallway, which could leave posters and frames coming down off the wall.

Invest In Double Sided Frames

The best way to get more out of your walls is by finding double-sided frames. A double-sided frame allows you to have two pieces in one frame so that you can easily turn it around and suddenly have a new piece on your wall.

This is awesome if you have many prints and posters that are the same size but can’t all fit on the same wall. Then, you can turn them around whenever you want and give your room a fresh face.

Rotate Prints By the Season

Some pieces are admittedly more seasonable than others! Do you have an awesome collection of zombie movie posters mixed into the rest of the posters you own?

If so, consider putting these away until the end of August every year. Then, you can keep them out until Halloween and give your home a more personalized and festive look.

Consider Hanging Things on Sides of Shelves

Hanging items on the sides of shelves is a way to fake more wall space when you’re working with a limited amount of it.

To do this, consider investing in command hooks that can be removed without damaging furniture so that you can hang frames and pieces on these surfaces without worrying about messing up the furniture that’s under them.

Be Honest About Which You Truly Love

Although this can be hard, it’s a good idea to go through the things you own and ensure that everything you’re displaying is something you adore.

We don’t want you to throw away anything that you love just to consider which items you’re keeping because you think others will like them: and which make you happy to see them.

Your Poster and Print Collection Deserves to be Displayed

Whether you’re in love with movie posters or you’ve collected a lot of prints from your favorite artists, you shouldn’t have to decide which get shown off and which get shoved in storage forever. Consider some of these options, and make your walls into a piece of art!

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