Creative Tiling Design Ideas You Should Consider on Your Next Renovation Project

Floor tile designs have become more relevant to showcase your personality and create a space that sensibly reflects your style. And it is true whether you are renovating your living space or bathroom. Adding drama with tiles can make the room feel alive, providing a unique ambiance that can determine your home’s overall ambiance. 

With the myriad of tiling options, creative tile ideas are achievable using unconventional colour combinations and pattern layouts. It can become an essential consideration during the initial design phase. It can make your private dwelling homely, bright, and cheerful. 

Create a Tapestry of Patchwork with Your Tile Choices

One of the more viable ways of personalising your private space is using a tiling material with different designs to create a patchwork. This design approach can lend a vibrant feel with a touch of intricacy to make your private space appear more decorative. 

Patchwork tiling is often a practical solution to your bathroom or kitchen to make it more fashionable. Combining contrasting themes into a single pattern can completely overhaul the appearance and carry an original design. 

Patchwork decorations are a more common design approach with ceramic, particularly when used in the kitchen or the bathroom. There are several ways to achieve a symmetrical look, including the use of tonal tiling options, light concrete patterns, or the use of several tiles from the same design line.

Go for the Art Deco Inspired Look

If you are more into the simplified modern appeal, opting for minty green or geographic shaped tile with suggestive colour themes can lend a hand of modernity to your space. One good way of infusing the Art Deco charm is to pair your period-inspired tiling choices with contemporary styling. 

You can also do a mosaic tile pattern design by using angular motifs like the chevron or the zigzag layout. These tiling designs were once famous during the early art deco era but are still applicable to give your living space a modern-contemporary look.

To get that luxurious feel, you can achieve the Art Deco appeal by using neutral-coloured tiling, including bold black, white, or gray. These colours are pairable with soft greens to obtain a calming effect. 

Use a Mediterranean Inspired Tiling for a Colourful Alfresco 

Make your outdoor space vibrant by using colourful tiles reminiscent of the Mediterranean environment. For example, you can combine a simple stucco brick wall with a cheery-blue Mediterranean-inspired tiling to accentuate the floor and the tile pattern.   

This type of setting can make your patio feel grand and inviting, allowing you to utilise the space more frequently. An alfresco furniture setting can also make the space inviting for afternoon coffee siestas. 

The Mediterranean-inspired fired clay is usually designed with repetitive patterns and bold colours. It can add warmth to your space, whether having the tile installed in the bathroom, patio, or kitchen. 


There are many ways to personalise your living space, but one of the most impacting décors you would need is to have a good tiling choice to get the look you want to achieve. Your tile choices do more than making a room presentable because it provides a layer of visual effect to the room.

 When having your personal space renovated, you might want to look into the three suggestions to make the room look more personal. First, your existing furniture’s architecture doesn’t matter because the tiling provides the right feel to the space. 

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