CoWrks – One Of The Best Co-working Spaces In GMR Aerocity  

Globally, the emergence of various startups has increased the demand for innovative solutions to manage resources. One such solution that has lately been the talk of the town happens to be co-working office spaces. It appears that the co-working industry is here to change our working dynamic. Various established and reputable organizations have concluded that the co-working industry will grow at a steady rate of about 21.3% starting in 2021.

In India as well, co-working spaces are becoming extremely popular. Entrepreneurs and large businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs and get out of traditional office spaces by moving into shared and co-working spaces. These offices offer all the necessary amenities one desires while working and provide a feeling of community, which is often lacking in traditional work environments.

One Of The Best Co-working Spaces In GMR Aerocity

GMR Aerocity, located in the heart of Delhi NCR with close proximity to both domestic & international airports, offers various co-working spaces with access to world-class amenities.

One such co-working space in GMR Aerocity is CoWrks. Operated and managed by one of India’s most prominent office owners with 47 million sq. ft. area under management in key gateway markets, it is a premium workplace solution provider that offers a combination of local knowledge and global expertise. Providing flexible co-working spaces to businesses of all sizes, the company combines a fresh approach, unparalleled creativity and relentless innovation. Imagination is nothing without implementation. Hence, this space strives to reshape real estate’s unique potential and build a world of its own that works better for businesses, communities and people everywhere.

CoWrks offers best-in-class working environments across top metros in India while also meeting the different needs of businesses – from co-working spaces to fully designed offices; from on-the-go workspace booking for mobile teams to virtual offices for businesses that need a premium address, and from advanced technology-enabled meeting rooms to stunning event spaces, you name it, they provide it all.

If you are still deliberating on moving to a co-working space, here are three convincing reasons –

1. Filled with inspiration –

Sometimes, a change of scenery can be the best inspiration. This is why every CoWrks centre is filled with art representing 13 years of the brand’s expertise in creating inspirational workspaces. The art and designs here are genuinely evocative and break the monotony while instilling inspiration, motivation, and passion in the members. The space also offers state-of-the-art meeting rooms, outdoor deck areas, social kitchens, entertainment rooms, couches, and more.

2. Grow network and collaborate –

Whether you are a freelancer or high-end professional, co-working spaces are the seed of new communities and are helpful in building new relationships and exchanging unique ideas. At Cowrks, you are able to choose a workspace from over 16 expansive centres spread across over 1.2 million sq. ft. area with more than 21,000 members all over the country.

3. A space for every occasion –

Whether it is a product launch, client meeting, charity event, workshop, networking session, or press conference, you can now book premium business event spaces with scalable designs and seamless technology with the help of Coverage by Cowrks.

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